Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party Central

Wow. It's been two months. I never promised regular updates though. Let's just keep that in mind, shall we?

Andrew turned 23 years old! We decided to do things "old school", and had a skate party. Once we decided on the skate party, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were practically a given. And it all snowballed from there. We projected video games onto the wall and ate cake. A popcorn buffet was attempted, but I'm still undecided on that success. The proportions were off. We had lots of regular popcorn. Perhaps too much. The other popcorns were overlooked, and the point was lost. But who cares!? We had cake! Speaking of cake, it is pictured to the right, in all of it's glory.

I also decided to try something novel and fulfill my calling. For the June activities committee meeting we were asked to come with an idea for an activity. I made a table. One column for ideas, one column for venues, total estimated costs, distance from Tallahassee (rounded to the tenths of a mile), etc. (This should make even Kourtney, a.k.a. "I have a portable filing cabinet for weddings plans that I keep on my person at all times", proud). Alas, it was not to last. Maybe the table was too much. I was suddenly released and called into the Relief Society Presidency. Now I get to help with Enrichment every month! I really think we're going places! The first Enrichment I've helped with was on Thursday--A Kebab cookout! Turns out fellowship, food, skewers and an open flame is the recipe for success.

Lara and I had our first ever bridal shower tonight. We made the punch. Actually, Lara made the punch. I'm not sure what I did. I cleaned the house? Yes. I cleaned the house. And I dreamed a game. I suppose its a sign that you're obsessing when you begin to dream about a bridal shower. The dream game is basically Madlibs. You have bags of various necessary parts of speech (noun, adverb, adjective, so on), and as a guest walks in they write a word for each category and put it in the bag. Later, we would randomly draw the needed words out as we tell the story of "How Parker and Lauren Met" or give Lauren "Good Advice". Anyways, the punch was good. It involved lime and cherries and carbonated goodness. Mmm.

Also, I was interviewed and hired for a job at FSU. I would take a pay cut, and could possibly be fired if the budget runs low. But it would mean no extra driving (I currently drive 20 miles round trip to get to work) and I would get first dibs on registering for class. I'm going to attempt to work both my current job and this new job for the fall semester. And also make the dean's list. Dream big or go home, yes?