Thursday, September 4, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

Last weekend Freya was in town and she asked if I would snap a few family pictures for them. I would do anything to get an extra hangout with Freya (they're always booked up with pesky "family" time on their short visits...) so of course I agreed. And then I asked her if she would take a few pictures for us too, and she agreed! So I got two extra Freya hangouts, and some pretty awesome family pictures.

Cory has such a hard time understanding family pictures. When I told him about these he was all,"Didn't we just do those? When we went downtown with Freya and took pictures in front of things?" And I was all, " mean our maternity pictures? From before Amelia was BORN??" And he's like, "Yea, we just did those." And I'm like, "..."

Needless to say, we needed updated ones. And once new baby comes, we'll need them again, so get ready babe.

Anyway, Freya did an awesome job, as per usual. Even with a pretty grumpy/squirmy little toddler, she managed to get the money shots. She's so good. And, I can't fathom how big this belly is going to get before November 7th.  I mean, surely it can't get bigger than this, right??