Monday, July 22, 2013

Amelia's 2nd Month in Review

Amelia turned 2 months old on July 3rd. She is blowing my mind. Two months!?

While she spent month two still very much in her sleepy newborn phase, she did have a few wide awake moments that were basically amazing. She is so good at being a baby. Good job girlie.

Stats: 11 pounds (50th percentile) and 24 inches (90th percentile).

So. Many. Pictures. Enjoy!

I sat her in the boppy while I folded laundry and talked to her about it, and she propped up her little head on her arm and gave me the most serious little face. She loves to have her hands up on her chest and face. Such a little lady.
Her little face is so expressive. She smirks like there is no tomorrow. We captured her very first real smile (albeit with a very shaky camera phone, but still! It was her first legit smile! She loves the little birds on her swing) but since then she turns the smile off every time the camera comes out. 

Grandma Allen and all three of her Aunties came over and gave her bath before bedtime. All four of them squeezed into our teeny tiny closet of a bathroom, and Amelia didn't know what to think. These are the little faces she gave them (I think she was a little concerned). 
And everybody's favorite, tummy time:

And her sense of humor is developing quite well. She had a massive, epic, throw that onsie in the garbage because it just can't be saved blow out, and when I laid her down to change it she gave me the happiest little faces. I had to take some pictures, even though we were practically in  the dark and I knew they wouldn't really come out at all. (I'll spare you the picture of her poop...which I did take. And then I texted it to Cory. And so it has come to this.) I swear she is winking at me in the last one! She knows exactly what she's doing, little stinker.

And then we have Amelia before and during her 2 month check up and vaccinations. Poor little baby had no idea what was coming. When they stuck her little thighs she made the most shocked little face, eyes wide open and her mouth in a perfect little "o" shape. Then the crying started. It was pitiful. So glad thats over.

Happy 2 months baby girl. We love you so.