Here's the cliff notes version of us:

I'm Lindy. I married Cory in July 2010. We seem like complete opposites, but in a good way. He is the calm, careful, perfectionist yin to my more haphazard, big dreams yang. He keeps me grounded, and I help him loosen up, and everybody wins . 

We both finished up our degrees at Florida State (Mine: English Lit, His: Electrical Engineering) during the early years of our marriage. On the day of Cory's graduation our little girlie Amelia Kate was born.  Then we had our Benjamin Boy 18 months later (SUPRISE!). 

I stay home with the babies these days, and sometimes update the blog with their milestones and adventures which I then force my immediate family members to read. I'm also kind of really into planning parties with ridiculous themes. They are totally unnecessary, and over the top, and I know this but I just can't help myself. You love what you love, you know? 

We bought our first house in 2015, and are really getting into making it our own. Home tour pictures to come (someday when its clean enough for pictures...)

Here's a few pictures that pretty much cover the last five years. Enjoy!