Sunday, March 17, 2013

When Cory was Born

A few weeks ago, I asked my mother-in-law Kim if she had any family photo albums. We had so much fun going through old pictures, and other paraphernalia from Cory's childhood.

These photos taken at the hospital right after Cory was born struck me as so sweet and beautiful. Their first few moments as a little family of three. 

25.5 years later and they have five kids--the youngest just turned 16!  

Right now, as I sit at 32 weeks pregnant, labor and delivery seem like the ultimate adventure. I've been so focused on just making it there.  Do days even exist after May 8th?

But really, how silly of me. That will be just the very start of our story. It makes me appreciate every little kick and nudge I feel right now. Hopefully I can hold on to this appreciation during midnight cry sessions, and messy diaper changes, and everything else that I can't even imagine right now.

And then there's these, which make just make me happy:

I asked Cory if he would wear suspenders for our upcoming maternity photoshoot (with the ever so talented Freya). He refused, on no uncertain terms. How the times have changed.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sugar & Spice: A baby shower

My friend Amy is due to have her own baby girl on May 7th (just one day before my due date!) so we (Me, Freya, Kendal, and Tanya) threw a little baby shower for her yesterday. Pink is Amy's signature color, so we went with a Sugar & Spice theme.

It was so fun to let that girly girl flag fly uninhibited. Everything was pink and lacy, and all the food was tiny and sweet. Thanks for letting us throw you a party Amy! I can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl in May.

Check out more pictures of this shower in Freya's recap post here.

 Menu: Yogurt Parfaits (Fruit, yogurt, and granola), mini-quiche, mini-cheese balls/crackers, cream puffs, mini-cinnamon rolls, eclairs, powered donuts, mini strawberry cupcakes.

We served lemonade and water in dainty china teacups. I've never felt so fancy (or scared that I was going to drop my cup...).

We had a few activities for guests to complete at their leisure; they could leave a note of advice/encouragement, write their address on an envelope (to help Amy out with all those thank you notes!) and attempt to guess which age the parents-to-be were in a few adorable baby/childhood photos.


Designed with these free fonts: Castellar, Ecuyer DAX, & Callie's Hand

Parfait Bar (Yogurt, Granola, & Fruit)
Mini Cheese Balls & Crackers
Mini Quiche (Sam's Club)
Mini Eclairs (Publix, Freezer Aisle)
Mini Powdered donuts (Publix)
Mini Cupcakes (Homemade by Kendal)
Mini Snickerdoodle Cookies (Homemade by Tanya)
Mini Cinnamon Rolls (Homemade by Freya using crescent roll dough)
Pink Lemonade & Ice Water served in vintage teacups

Tissue Paper Fans (Devra Party Supply)
Kraft Paper Windmills (Tutorial here)
Accordion style pinwheels (Tutorial here)
Paper Doily Banners (No tutorial...just fold doilies in half and put on a string...)
Fresh pink and white mini roses (Flower section at Publix)

DIY Sugar Scrub (in recycled baby food jars)

1 1/2 cup sugar (white or brown)
1/4 cup olive oil (or almond oil)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (for scent)
1/4 tsp pink coloring

The activity instructions and other printables we used are below--just right click, open each image in a new window and save as.  They're all yours!