Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apparently I'm really into green right now.

Yesterday I went shopping. I also helped my brother and sister in law move. But that went just about like every other moving journey goes, while shopping trips are always full of surprises! So I'm going to focus on that.

I've been wanting some containers for baking supply storage. I had not been impressed with what I've found so far. I needed it big enough to store the entire bag of the ingredient (be it sugar, flour or what have you) and I wanted to to seal up air tight. Also, I wanted it to be cute. And most importantly, I didn't want it to cost a small fortune.

I guess I was being pretty picky.

But I searched and waited. And finally found these little sealing beauties at Goodwill yesterday!

The wooden lids seal! Yippee!

I gave the lids a coat of green spray paint. Well it was really enamel paint. Which I didn't know. And so I kind of messed it up a little. Enamel is tricky. Oh well.

White sugar, Brown sugar,  Powdered sugar--the PERFECT size for each bag.
Here they are in their new home:

I'm still looking for the perfect containers for flour--I need two for whole wheat and regular. Good things come to those who wait. I'm sure of it.

I also got a little fancy with some planting yesterday.

I saw the same herb growing kit that my friend Kendal had, and I wanted to give it a try.

This is what it looks like now:

This is what I'm promised it will look like soon:

We shall see.

And I made a terrarium! Or terranium. Or a jar filled with some plants that may or may not be doomed. Call it what you will.

It's an ecosystem! Hopefully it won't die.

It goes on our table. Like this:

Speaking of our table, while I was at Lowes I picked up some paint swatches. Because, you see, I'm not sold on this whole "shiny black table" situation. It's a really, really nice hardwood table that we got for a STEAL of a deal ($50.00ish). I really want to strip and refinish it but....that is a lot of work. So, I'm entertaining the thought of adding "Just paint the table!" to my future projects list.

These are what I'm kind of leaning towards:

What do you think? Or should I just wait until I have the time/will to refinish it?

Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Semi-Annual Check Up

Do you guys remember this post from 7 months ago? You know, my New Year's Resolutions post?

I made some goals, and I've been pretty hit or miss.

1) Get organized. Slowly working though this one...I kind of had to start all over last month though. So cut me some slack.
The kitchen is the closest to feeling moved into...You're seeing my washer and dryer solution here.
Thanks Dad and Jesse!
And I finally hung those plates up in the dining room...getting closer!

2) Get dressed. I actually feel pretty okay on this one lately. Getting a "real person" job helped. 

3) Eat what I need. Not what I want. Epic failure. 

4) Ummm...workout. 3 times a week. See above.

5) Sleep. (8 hours a night) Could use some improvement, but overall I'm doing really well.

6) Blog more. Averaging one blog post a week baby! Whoop!

7) How about: GRADUATE. I can almost taste it. Done and DONE.

8) Take pictures. Making progress here too.

9) Kiss my niece and nephew. In person. This could also coincide with a sister's reunion? Sister's reunion was a smashing success! Let's make it annual?

10) Save some clams. Umm...I do okay.

11) Read. I love reading. Daily scripture study and some fluff too. I've read a lot of fluff. And cried in the food court at school while I was reading this book:

That's normal right? Right. Anyway...

What I have really brought you here to talk about is numbers three and four (Eat right and Work Out), but I figured I could use a self evaluation of the whole list.

Last week I finally implemented my plan to force myself to work out. I got my brother Jesse to drop me off at work in the morning on Tuesday and Friday. Then, I'm left without a vehicle, and must find my own way home at 5:00. Our new place is just 2 miles away from school--the perfect wogging distance. That's right: wogging. It's what you get when you combine "walking" and "jogging." Mostly walking. But I did it! Twice! And this week will be even better! It feels good to be doing something again.

 I'm planning to add a little bit more to the routine over time, but I know me, and I know how easy it is for me to slip off the ol' fitness wagon. So I'm taking it slow, and trying to make it a habit. Now that I've told you about it, you should ask me how its going sometime. That way I'll feel accountable. 

Also, if you ever see me wogging, don't mention it. I gets embarrassed.

As to my eating habits, I have been eating a little better, and bringing my lunch to work. With apples, carrots or grapefruit for a snack. Yummy.

 I have a whole board full of recipes I'm planning to make for work lunches. The plan is to make enough of a salad for a few days, pack it up in separate containers, and then I have lunch ready to grab. 

I'll let you know how it goes!

Also, I made some cute rain cloud inspired by this cute baby shower:

Tut, tut, looks like rain! Anyone?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camp Lindy

Last semester I watched a 9 year old girl named Bridget after school. We did all kinds of fun things together, and it was the best job ever. Last week I took the day off of my real job, and did fun things with Bridget and her friend Sydney. It was awesome.  (Going in at night to catch up on my "real" work= not as awesome. But oh well.)

They called it "Camp Lindy". And there was even a sign they made that proclaimed: "Camp Lindy Rocks!!" Has a nice ring to it, yes? 

One day we made home made whole wheat bread, butter and cherry jam:

Another day we packed up some books and lunch, and built a fort in the woods:

Another day we explored Wakulla Springs, and grilled our food. With fire! By ourselves! And we saw a manatee,  which has been my personal goal for the past 8 years I've lived in Florida. Check that one off the list! It was a cute. And kind of looked like a floating rock.

We stopped by McDonalds and picked up some Ketchup packets on our way to the Spring.
I told the girls to "act casual" when we walked in. They did.  It was hilarious.
And finally we got dressed up in our fanciest clothes, did our hair and make up, and went to fancy plantation house for brunch.

I loved spending time with my favorite nine year olds this week. Seriously, these girls are so sweet and fun.

Tomorrow it'll be back to the office bright and early. I simply can't wait.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving: Never Again.

I took a nap with Cory today. Cory is  a big believer in the Sunday afternoon nap. Me? Not so much. Naps always leave me feeling groggy and befuddled. I wish they made me feel refreshed and ready to go, but...nope. And I'm never quite right for the rest of the day. Right now I'm sitting here trying to think of what in the world I did this week and...I've got nothing. I'm not even sure what I did today. Naps. They really throw me off.

We're officially moved out of our last apartment. I've moved every year for the past 4 years, and this move was definitely the hardest. Why do I have so much stuff?? Why?? That was actually Cory's mantra while we moved. He would pick up a box, and chant "Whyyy, Lindy, whhyyyy?" all the way to the car. That was a fun experience for everyone.
That's not even half of it. "Whhyyy" indeed.
So far I don't feel like we've made very much progress on the whole, "get settled in" front. It makes me feel tense to have our house messy like this. We've definitely made progress since the above picture was taken, but not nearly as much as I'd like. I need a free weekend to just settle in, hang up pictures and clean out closets. It didn't help that I went out of town for a week during prime moving time, but...that was totally worth it. Maybe by August I'll have everything put away where I want it, and the closets organized. Maybe...

I organized our silverware! So, I can check that one, tiny thing off the list. I pinned this cute silverware caddy idea I found on my preferred brand of crack cocaine  pinterest a few weeks ago.

Click here for source.
I just loved it. The thrift store gods smiled down on me after that, and I found a cute chicken wire pot holder contraption for $2.00.

I finally found the correct size of mason jar, and put it all together yesterday:

I like it. I like it a lot.

Cory wonders, "Why can't we have our forks in a drawer like normal people?"

Excellent question, Cory. I'll get back to you on that one...

Oh! I just remembered something. Last night Cory took me on a surprise date. It was awesome. Like we were really dating again. At 8:00 he asked me if I wanted to go to a movie!! I had plans to hang up curtain rods but...they were quickly pushed aside. By 9:00 we were in the car, and 9:30 we were watching the previews. I felt so spontaneous and wild. And...I should probably get out more.

The new X-men movie had it big debut at the "Dollar Theater" last night (They upped their prices to THREE dollars recently. Psh. But I can't stop calling it the dollar theater. The Three Dollar Theater just doesn't roll off the tongue.).And it was awesome. I really love the X-Men movies. Even the ones everyone else claims are really bad. I don't think I'm very discerning in this area. And I'm okay with that. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Year Later

Yesterday was our one year anniversary. One year!?

Has it really been a year since I got all dressed up and promised this lucky guy forever?

Photo via Kimbe photography
Well it has. And I think we've learned a lot along the way. Cory thinks he knows all of my tricks.

We learned as we moved into our old apartment one year ago, that I don't have the patience and exactness required for contact papering shelves. The paper may or may not have been balled up into a big sticky mess and thrown across the kitchen as someone yelled, "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!"

Maybe after that, a patient man went into the kitchen, unwrinkled the ruined paper someone balled up, and finished lining the cabinets.

So we just moved again. Time surely does heal all wounds, as I optimistically bought a brand spanking new roll of bright white contact paper.

I knew it would be a challenge for me, but I persevered.  I even measured twice! I'm told that little trick will guarantee that only one cut would be required.

That little trick is a bold faced lie.

So maybe the edges don't EXACTLY line up. My bad. Also, it actually looks better in that photo than it does in real life. Lucky me.

But I thought it was good enough. I was feeling kind of proud of myself for finishing one whole cabinet.

Cory takes one look at it, and give me this look. The "jig-is-up" look, I like to call it.

"Lindy," he says. "Are you doing a bad job on purpose so that I feel bad and do it for you?"

I told him no. Which was the truth.

It took me a few days to recover enough gumption to tackle the other cabinets. But when I finally did, I couldn't find the contact paper anywhere. As I searched all over the house for  it. Cory was studying in the backroom, and never once responded to the question "Have you seen the contact paper?" 

Finally, I open one of the cabinets, and lo and behold, there it was! All neatly cut and perfectly pasted in for me.

The man has a gift.

I'm so lucky to have him. It's so funny to me how we are the perfect opposites. Really, we are.

Cory is so completely a "math and science" guy. He spends hours studying so he can get the perfect grade. He does things exactly right, and he takes a lot of time to research something and think it through before he does it.

I'm more of a "lets do an art project, read a book and take a shot in the dark" type. Vague instruction are okay with me. I feel they give you room to grow, yes? Yes.

So far its worked. We're like complementary angles. You know, the ones that add up to 180 when you put them together.

And that's math! Possibility for a shared interest here, right? HA.

Also, you should know that Cory doesn't say "Happy Anniversary."

He sings it. Always to the tune of that horse racing song.

You know...da da dun, da da dun, da da dun dun dun! Maybe? What's that song called?

His version goes, "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HAPPPPY Anniversary!"