Sunday, January 2, 2011

11 things for 2011

Like pretty much every one else in the world, I'm gonna set some goals for 2011. 2010 was a pretty good year for the both of us, but I see some room in there for improvement. It'll be a self centered to do list, but I think if I'm able to pull it all off it'll benefit everyone around me. So, here's 11 things to pull off in the year 2011:

1) Get organized. And then stay that way. The great closet clean outs have already begun.
My new command center--formerly known
as the junk closet.

2) Get dressed. Don't get me wrong--I'm not currently in the habit of walking around naked all the time. What I'm hoping to improve on is a daily effort to wear clothes that make me feel and look put together. Deliberately choosing outfits instead of wearing whatever I can find in 5 minutes every morning. It would also help to do my hair and makeup but...lets not get carried away. Gotta leave something for 2012, right?

I got dressed! New Years Eve.

3) Eat what I need. Not exactly a ground breaking goal, but one I really need to implement. Right now my relationship with food is a little bit too emotional. Let's take that out and eat things that my body needs to run well--- which I have a sneaking suspicion does not include a dozen cookies. 

My body needed one of these steaks my Dad grilled up for New Years.

4) Ummm...workout. 3 times a week. Let's track the success of this one by how many pairs of my skinny jeans I get to bring out from banishment under the bed.

5) Sleep. 8 hours really makes a difference. And I don't have children. This should be attainable for me.

6) Blog more. I like it, and it's pretty much the only journal I'm keeping right now. So let's blog it up. I might even up it to once a week! Ah! Here's to 52 posts in 2011.

7) How about: GRADUATE. I can almost taste it.

8) Take pictures. 

9) Kiss my niece and nephew. In person. This could also coincide with a sister's reunion? Yes? Or at the very least an awesome family vacation. 
These kids are CUTE.

10) Save some clams. I'm still working on a precise dollar amount to work towards.  Turns out, I AM the one that spends most of our money. He pays the bills that he's in charge of, buys gas and...then doesn't spend anything else. So saving it really comes down to me. I actually feel pretty good about where I am, but I can do better. Couponing here I come, and Marshall's--I love you, but we can't see each other any more. Wants and needs: not the same thing.

11) Read. I love reading. Daily scripture study and some fluff too. I don't think I read more than 4 books for fun last year--and I can't even remember what they were. If you've read any amazing books, let me know. I'm now officially taking suggestions.

So, there's the list. 11 things that will make me a better, happier person. None of them are especially revolutionary. Oh well. It's what I need.

Also: Happy 6 month wedding anniversary! We're on a roll :)


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Wow! That is a fantastic list! I wish I could get it together enough to come up with some real goals...but I think pregnancy brain is really taking it's toll! ;) Love ya! And Happy New Year!

freya said...

i missed the blog world when we were in jax! i loooove the quilt you made! so thrifty and creative!

i like your goals. i may strive for most of those myself this year too. i really like the closet make over. very nice.

sara raquel said...

Happy Six Months to you!!

I love what you have done with the closet- the desk looks great!

You should do fashion posts and do an outfit a week or something! Than I could see more of your cute outfits :)

Jennifer said...

My list is your list, minus the graduation part, but that's in the next decade. I love the quilt and so impressed you got it made in time!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Love all these goals! I indeed need to get on board with the getting dressed goal. Waaaay too many of my days are spent in sweats!

Becca said...

I really do love your command center! Part of my 2011 resolutions involves a paper shredder. Oh yes.

Handle every piece of paper once? No problem.