Sunday, January 30, 2011

Candlestick Maker

There is just something about these past few weeks that have me in a funk. And I'm not talkin' a groovy disco funky town funk. Its more of a "no motivation to do anything, not even CRAFTS and definitely not homework" funk. I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from, or what to do about it. Perhaps it's a January thing? I hope I can shake it soon. Anyone else out there feeling it?

The funky fog has broken a few times, usually thanks to Cory. Also, it should be said that he usually has no idea when he's done something that makes my day. For example...

About two months ago I told my Mom I was looking for an old wooden chair to use as a nightstand for Cory's side of the bed. She just happened to have the perfect chair. She brought it down and we had fun shopping the house for just the perfect junk to put on top of it. We decided that a few old books, a clock, and a little candlestick would add the perfect charm. 

Cory has his own ideas about charm. This is what he's done with the arrangement:

Nailed it.

I knew that table top was missing something, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

P.S. I thought about going on to explain that this picture is the perfect metaphor for our relationship, but decided against the philosophical post about my marriage. Maybe next time?


Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL That is too funny! And yes, I'd love to know all about your mentos metaphor! Intrigued!

Also, January is just FUNK month so don't feel alone. It's cold, wet and grey, none of those things bring me much motivation... Boo! At least february is only days away :0)

Kristen said...

Bedside mints eh?
I hope you get over your funk. I'm feeling a much overdue hang out in the works!

freya said...

i feel ya girl.

and i think cory's got something there. that could be a modern art piece at a museum.

Becca said...

I hope he sings the Mentos theme song to you. Or you to him.

Sorry about your funk: I love January every year. It's April that brings on the doldrums for me.

You guys are so cute I wanna squish your widdo cheeks!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

This is sooo hilarious! :) At least he wants to add his own style in! Haha Too cute! And yes, January is total funk mode, it's after the holidays and it's all muggy and not fun weather. Lots of let downs! Don't worry, it'll pass! Just keep truckin'!

L said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I love it!!