Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lovey Dovey Trashy Mush

When I see an old dirty piece of furniture in the bulk trash piles on the side of the road made of solid wood and filled up to the brim with potential....I want it.

Cory knows this, and typically does everything in his power to fight against the urges I have.

If we're in the car and see something  I shout out, "Oooo stop! I neeed that." And Cory will make a remark about the blinders he's going to make me wear every time I leave the house (Yes, blinders. Like a horse.)

(As a side note, I believe this condition is hereditary. Just ask my sister-in-law Tanya.)

I tell you this, so you can better understand the significance of what happened the yesterday.

Cory had to go to the college of engineering to work on a project, and a few seconds after he left I get a call from him.

It goes something like this:

Lindy: Hey, did you forget something?
Cory: No, I just wanted to tell you there is a big pile of trash down the street.
Lindy: Oh really? Where?
Cory: Go outside and look to the right.
[A few moments pass while I put on my shoes and go outside]
Lindy: Ooo I see it. I'm gonna go check it out.
Cory: Kay, have fun!

HA! What a sweetie.  

And that call sure paid off! I found this little gem in with all the rubbish:

Ain't she somthing?? All that beautiful solid wood detailing. Lovely. Just lovely. I dragged that bad boy all the way home. So maybe it's a little torn up....

Okay, a lot torn up. But with some new upholstery, and a little bit of paint it'll be the PERFECT chair for my new command center/ desk in the closet. And it's all thanks to Cory, who loves and helps me, even when he doesn't understand me. Aw.

Also this is the second time in about a month that someone has called me to alert me of trash on the side of the road. Hmm...I think I'm okay with being that person.

After I got my awesome new trash, we celebrated with fuzzy socks and a Lifetime movie. Cory picked the movie. The Craigslist Killer was creepy. But my socks were warm.


Becca said...

The craigslist killer? I am against Lifetime originals.

That really is love, you bag lady, you.

freya said...

what a good boo you have.

i don't think there's anything wrong with being the curbside pickup lady. you make it all new again.

p.s. i'm wearing those same socks right now, so cozy.

The Hargretts said...

If I see a good pile-o-craft I mean trash I'll let you know!! Also.. craigslist killer... totally sounds like a lifetime movie. =)