Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer School

Ah summer time. You are the best time.

Cory is taking his last two humanities courses this summer. After much deliberation he enrolled in  an Ancient Mythology, and a Family Relationships course.  He charmingly refers to them as "garbage classes". (He is not a big fan of the liberal studies requirements, that one). These types of classes were the bread and butter of my degree, plus they sounded kind of interesting, so I agreed to help him study.

I'm not very much help. He's been trying to get me to reading the Mythology book to him every night. That stuff is like a sweet, sweet lullaby to my tired mind. I'm out like a light within the first 3 paragraphs. Every. Time. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

On the bright side, I've found the cure for insomnia. You're welcome.

His Family and Marriage professor assigned a "Relationship Expectations" questionnaire, which we answered together because it was kind of fun. It started out with this:

1. If you are married or partnered, what conditions were necessary for you to enter the relationship? How were these conditions met? How has having these expectations affected your relationship?

The lameness of a question like that aside, it was interesting to talk about. We haven't really discussed this since our dating days almost 2 years ago (What?! 2 years??).

So, we were talking about it, having a good old time remembering "What characteristics did you expect to find in a spouse?", "Who will be the financial provider and why?", etc.  But you can only be serious about those kind of questions for so long.  By the time we got to the last question we were tired of soul searching, and just wanted to be done.

             7. Describe the conditions under which you would end a marriage or committed relationship.  What evidence would you look for to know that you have reached this point?

Situations that call for divorce would be infidelity or abuse. (So far so good. But what  do you mean by evidence, lady? I typed the following as a joke. (Because for some reason this was funny to us.)) Sufficient evidence includes, but is not limited to: incriminating photos, lipstick smudges, contracting an STD from your "monogamous" partner, romantic e-mails to old "flames", extended “business” trips, secret families in other states, etc.

So, I typed it as a joke, but then we were like... "Actually, that about sums it up." And then we got a little sad. So, he turned it in. We're both very interested to see what his professor thinks about it. I don't know what she was looking for, but thats the best we could do.

 If you're interested in exploring the your own relationship expectations, let me know and I'll send you the questionnaire.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beachy Beach Beach 2012

Sometimes I forget how awesome living in Florida can be.  I need days like yesterday to remind me how lucky we are to live here. Carly had a birthday (shout hurray) and we went to the St. George Island to celebrate. Part of the drive is along a coastal highway. Its one of the top ten most scenic highways in the US. Lucky us! At some points you're only 15 feet away from the bay! Cory kept freaking out and saying, "Stop looking out the window and watch the road! You're going to drive us into the beach!" But I couldn't help myself. And sometimes there are bears! We didn't see any, but we kept a close eye out. Only in the panhandle.

We packed up the grill and Jesse made us hamburgers. It was so good. Sooo good. My eyes got a little bigger than my stomach, and after the first bite I told Jesse he should make the rest of the patties, cause they were delish. Then I couldn't eat a single bite more once I finished the first one. Sorry Jesse...but they were so good!

Cupcakes would have melted, so we had M&M cookies from Publix instead. I'd say it was an even trade. 

After lunch we hit the beach. And we hit it hard. Cory really wanted to dig a hole, but that required way too much movement. And that would have been a little counter productive in my book.

 He's going to regret it 20 years from now when every picture has him making the "I feel pretty" face. It will be his cross to bear.

 We collected a few sea shells, and Jesse picked up a broken sand dollar. He says, "Hey, I found a sand quarter." Bahaha! I'm so glad we're related.

We ended the day with icecream Which you had to climb up stairs for. So not fair.

Jesse and Tayna were impressively good at applying sunscreen. Like, they were all over that. Cory and I could have stepped up that game a lot. I did okay on my face and shoulders, but missed the entire back of my legs. I never see those so I guess I forgot about them.

We ended up in Publix at 10:00 that night to stock up on Aloe Vera. The backs of my legs are like lobster tails. And we came up with a minor case of sun poisoning...we have got to get out more. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Happy Day

We spent the afternoon cuddling sweet baby Cole who made his debut earlier this week. Hanging out with Danny and Joanna while inhaling the sweet, sweet, sweetness of sleepy newborn tiny-ness was the greatest. We just held him, and held him, and laughed and talked. And little tiny Cole just curled up like a tiny human football and slept and enjoyed soft kisses from big sister Ava. 

We were so busy holding him and enjoying each other's company that we didn't take any pictures. I know. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life without documentation. We'll get pictures next time, which will hopefully be very soon because that days old newborn baby thing only lasts...well, days. But I'm sure he'll be very cute for years to come, so that's a small comfort.

Cory made his Mom White Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mothers Day (He even used a fancy pants nut grinding mill for the freshest coarsely ground pecans you ever did see. That information will be relevant/interesting to pretty much only the person, who shall remain nameless, who donated their never used once in 4 years of marriage nut grinder wedding present to me. I thought said person would like to know it had been used and loved. (Also, Nut Grinder = Most Amazingly Hilarious Wedding Present Ever.)). Anyway, they were delicious. Something about little balls of sugar and fat that really hit that spot. You know the one.

The peas I planted three weeks ago have sprouted and it is making me super excited! I'm so nervous I'm going to mess them up and kill them all. Am I over watering? Under watering? Are they too close together? Do they need stakes to anchor them or something? 

These are questions one has. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's do this.

This is happening. It's really happening.

 I woke up early this morning and did my Jillian Michael's 30-day shred workout. It's been over a year since I even looked at that DVD. Jillian, you are so annoying. So I muted her and streamed the latest episode of  Modern Family while I jumped and crunched and generally flailed about. It felt kind of awesome.

I'm jogging home from work today. Yea, we're getting that started again too. I even downloaded the Couch to 5K app.

Here's to the summer I kicked my own butt, as I'm sure it will be known for years to come. A coworker gave me a Halls Sugar Free Vitamin C booster. They are delicious and they believe in me. Let's do this.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I don't get love letters. But I do get egg rolls. And they're kind of the same thing.

Maybe its because I'm not really a "soup person" per se, but I've never really gone for the egg drop soup at Chinese restaurants. I don't hate it it just...doesn't exist to me. I wasn't even really aware that it was a thing until I ate Chinese food with Cory and he ordered it specifically. And then watched him make multiple trips back to the buffet just to come back with a bowl of egg drop soup. And I was like, "Oh. People do eat that." So, now I know.

There is a little Chinese restaurant down the street that he's really taken a shine too.  Every time he gets it he says, "This is really good egg drop." So there you have it. Tallahassee's best kept secret.

Anyway, he picked some Chinese food up for lunch the other day, and put the leftovers in the fridge for me. I saw an egg roll, and I got super excited because I love egg rolls. I was all, "Hey, you didn't eat the egg roll!? Do you not like egg rolls? What is wrong with you?" And he was all, "I like egg rolls, but I know you really like egg rolls, so I saved it for you."

If that's not love, I don't want it.