Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beachy Beach Beach 2012

Sometimes I forget how awesome living in Florida can be.  I need days like yesterday to remind me how lucky we are to live here. Carly had a birthday (shout hurray) and we went to the St. George Island to celebrate. Part of the drive is along a coastal highway. Its one of the top ten most scenic highways in the US. Lucky us! At some points you're only 15 feet away from the bay! Cory kept freaking out and saying, "Stop looking out the window and watch the road! You're going to drive us into the beach!" But I couldn't help myself. And sometimes there are bears! We didn't see any, but we kept a close eye out. Only in the panhandle.

We packed up the grill and Jesse made us hamburgers. It was so good. Sooo good. My eyes got a little bigger than my stomach, and after the first bite I told Jesse he should make the rest of the patties, cause they were delish. Then I couldn't eat a single bite more once I finished the first one. Sorry Jesse...but they were so good!

Cupcakes would have melted, so we had M&M cookies from Publix instead. I'd say it was an even trade. 

After lunch we hit the beach. And we hit it hard. Cory really wanted to dig a hole, but that required way too much movement. And that would have been a little counter productive in my book.

 He's going to regret it 20 years from now when every picture has him making the "I feel pretty" face. It will be his cross to bear.

 We collected a few sea shells, and Jesse picked up a broken sand dollar. He says, "Hey, I found a sand quarter." Bahaha! I'm so glad we're related.

We ended the day with icecream Which you had to climb up stairs for. So not fair.

Jesse and Tayna were impressively good at applying sunscreen. Like, they were all over that. Cory and I could have stepped up that game a lot. I did okay on my face and shoulders, but missed the entire back of my legs. I never see those so I guess I forgot about them.

We ended up in Publix at 10:00 that night to stock up on Aloe Vera. The backs of my legs are like lobster tails. And we came up with a minor case of sun poisoning...we have got to get out more. 


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Ouch! Sunburns are the WORST! That was our top priority last week at the beach because we were there for awhile and getting burned on the first day was NOT on my to-do list. Thankfully, the only burns I got were on my feet over my rainbow flop tan line! OUCH! It hurt and I had a red flip line all week.

We've been to St. George once and it is worth the drive for sure. I need to go back this summer!! It was such a blast.

Ashley said...

We went to St George island for the first time mother's dy weekend, it was beautiful! Our drive is long and boring through the national forest. Have you been to Appalachicola? The town has all these cute shops and gardens. I definitely wish I lived closer to the coast, I'd never want to leave the beach.

Kristen said...

I love the new header change! hearts are so in!

I miss the beach and your pretty pictures didn't help any at all!

Lindy said...

Meagan--I should have been much more proactive--I forgot how intense sunburns can be! And you all should def. go back! It's so nice!

Ashley--I loooove appalachicola! It's so cute! I wanted to stop by this weekend and do some shopping but Cory was definitely not a fan of that idea...

Kristen--thanks! You need to make a beach trip before baby gets here!

Tanya said...

We were wondering yesterday if you guys got fried. Jesse said he should've been more pushy and made you guys put on more sunscreen. haha He definitely got the least burned out of anyone!

Nathan & Holly Larson said...

Jealoussss....I sooo want to go to the beach! Unfortunately, Wyoming isn't really know for it's lovely shores! ;) And sorry you got burned! That's the worst!

The Hargretts said...

How fun!! I think Chris and I are going to try and hit up a beach sometime soon. I have never been to the beach in the panhandle so I'm pretty excited. All that food looked so good too!

freya said...

ooh back of the leg burn! those are the worst! you never realize how much your knees bend until they're crispy!
brett never trusts me on those windy beachside roads either. what's up with that! glad you had a great time!

Becca said...

Florida does seem like a good place to live. like, if you don't want to wake up to snow on May 24th. Which no one does.

I love the picture of you and Cory. And I love it more knowing that that is the "I feel pretty" face.