Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer School

Ah summer time. You are the best time.

Cory is taking his last two humanities courses this summer. After much deliberation he enrolled in  an Ancient Mythology, and a Family Relationships course.  He charmingly refers to them as "garbage classes". (He is not a big fan of the liberal studies requirements, that one). These types of classes were the bread and butter of my degree, plus they sounded kind of interesting, so I agreed to help him study.

I'm not very much help. He's been trying to get me to reading the Mythology book to him every night. That stuff is like a sweet, sweet lullaby to my tired mind. I'm out like a light within the first 3 paragraphs. Every. Time. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

On the bright side, I've found the cure for insomnia. You're welcome.

His Family and Marriage professor assigned a "Relationship Expectations" questionnaire, which we answered together because it was kind of fun. It started out with this:

1. If you are married or partnered, what conditions were necessary for you to enter the relationship? How were these conditions met? How has having these expectations affected your relationship?

The lameness of a question like that aside, it was interesting to talk about. We haven't really discussed this since our dating days almost 2 years ago (What?! 2 years??).

So, we were talking about it, having a good old time remembering "What characteristics did you expect to find in a spouse?", "Who will be the financial provider and why?", etc.  But you can only be serious about those kind of questions for so long.  By the time we got to the last question we were tired of soul searching, and just wanted to be done.

             7. Describe the conditions under which you would end a marriage or committed relationship.  What evidence would you look for to know that you have reached this point?

Situations that call for divorce would be infidelity or abuse. (So far so good. But what  do you mean by evidence, lady? I typed the following as a joke. (Because for some reason this was funny to us.)) Sufficient evidence includes, but is not limited to: incriminating photos, lipstick smudges, contracting an STD from your "monogamous" partner, romantic e-mails to old "flames", extended “business” trips, secret families in other states, etc.

So, I typed it as a joke, but then we were like... "Actually, that about sums it up." And then we got a little sad. So, he turned it in. We're both very interested to see what his professor thinks about it. I don't know what she was looking for, but thats the best we could do.

 If you're interested in exploring the your own relationship expectations, let me know and I'll send you the questionnaire.


The Hargretts said...

I love that he calls the classes "garbage classes" so funny. I agree though, those classes are the most interesting to me. We can't all be super smarties like Cory and take math and science courses all the time.

Kristen said...

What a good wife!

freya said...

oh those snobby science/math boys disrespecting the cushy humanities classes! ha

i want to take a marriage/family class! let me know what you guys learn! that survey sounds like more soul searching than we've ever done as a couple!