Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Happy Day

We spent the afternoon cuddling sweet baby Cole who made his debut earlier this week. Hanging out with Danny and Joanna while inhaling the sweet, sweet, sweetness of sleepy newborn tiny-ness was the greatest. We just held him, and held him, and laughed and talked. And little tiny Cole just curled up like a tiny human football and slept and enjoyed soft kisses from big sister Ava. 

We were so busy holding him and enjoying each other's company that we didn't take any pictures. I know. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life without documentation. We'll get pictures next time, which will hopefully be very soon because that days old newborn baby thing only lasts...well, days. But I'm sure he'll be very cute for years to come, so that's a small comfort.

Cory made his Mom White Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mothers Day (He even used a fancy pants nut grinding mill for the freshest coarsely ground pecans you ever did see. That information will be relevant/interesting to pretty much only the person, who shall remain nameless, who donated their never used once in 4 years of marriage nut grinder wedding present to me. I thought said person would like to know it had been used and loved. (Also, Nut Grinder = Most Amazingly Hilarious Wedding Present Ever.)). Anyway, they were delicious. Something about little balls of sugar and fat that really hit that spot. You know the one.

The peas I planted three weeks ago have sprouted and it is making me super excited! I'm so nervous I'm going to mess them up and kill them all. Am I over watering? Under watering? Are they too close together? Do they need stakes to anchor them or something? 

These are questions one has. 


Amy & Miikael said...

Yeah for your garden growing! That is so awesome and good luck with the new exercise program, that is exciting and I wish we had a little more time to talk about it yesterday.

freya said...

all i have to say is :)