Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magic Carpet Ride.

First, I'd like to thank everyone so, so much for helping me with my little...situation last week. It was a tough call.  The votes are in, and it was a little surprising. The most controversial by far was our Love Birds. Definitely  a statement piece. I loved them all (hence the need for your help) but with all of your feedback I was finally able to choose one:

Orangey Goodness will not only incorporate the grayish blue we painted the "entertainment center", but adds some muted yet bright colors. was ten dollars cheaper than the other two. And someone wrote a review about the red on the paisley one running and fading into the white parts of the rug. So, with the clearance price, and a 10% coupon code, the five foot diameter rug cost me $17.99. The dining room table gets to live another day as is. Unless I hate the rug when it gets here. Then I'm sending it back, and the table is gettin' it good. 

Also, for those who were wondering, all three rugs were on clearance at Urban Outfitters. And they're all still there.

Also, because I like playing with our new camera and like to impress you with how good a wifey I am, here's an awesome breakfast I slaved over for Cory while he did a lab report or circuit homework or some other hard thing on Saturday morning.

What can I say? I'm a giver.
In the spirit of eating better (Pop tarts aside--those are really just for Cory), I've been buying a lot more fruits and veggies lately. Sometimes this confuses Cory. Today when we were deciding what to have for dinner, he requested chicken, baked potatoes,  fried okra, and those green sticks.

Green sticks? Ohhhhh....

I love me some green sticks. Also, see that bunch of Broccoli?? It's a whole new world.


freya said...

ooh yes ten bucks cheaper definitely gives that carpet the winning edge.
and in my books poptarts do mean you're a good wifey. otherwise, i'd feel really guilty.

can we play photographer together sometime so you can pass on some of your tricks? :)

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Good choice! :) I like it! And isn't it funny how once you're married you start being all "health conscious". Haha, good luck with better eating habits! I still like me a good pop-tart too sometimes!

freya said...

p.s. brett's making lunch and he just said, "we should eat some more fresh veggie-tables and fruit-tables."


Becca said...

Even though I should have been expecting it, the Poptarts picture was a surprise. I really did think it was gonna be buckwheat pancakes with organic blueberries or something. I ellowelled so ell.

Mmmmmm . . . asparagus. It takes three years before you can eat all you want from your own garden, and this will be year two for our asparagus patch. Year one, you leave it and let it seed, year two it's still establishing itself and you can have a few sticks, and year three, you can cut each tender yummy stalk and it'll just grow back like crazy. I love green sticks.

Kristen said...

Cory should be wanting green sticks. You cook them oh so good!

Come cook for my husband?

Kourtney said...

Oh linlee, you could and should take some photography classes and go into it, you are so naturally talented at it! Eating healthy, isn't it completely surprising how good it is!?

Tanya said...

Well, I sure am glad you went with my pick. haha.
Did you get all those papers done???

sara raquel said...

ha! green sticks!! Cory knows he's not really a foreigner, right?