Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apparently I'm really into green right now.

Yesterday I went shopping. I also helped my brother and sister in law move. But that went just about like every other moving journey goes, while shopping trips are always full of surprises! So I'm going to focus on that.

I've been wanting some containers for baking supply storage. I had not been impressed with what I've found so far. I needed it big enough to store the entire bag of the ingredient (be it sugar, flour or what have you) and I wanted to to seal up air tight. Also, I wanted it to be cute. And most importantly, I didn't want it to cost a small fortune.

I guess I was being pretty picky.

But I searched and waited. And finally found these little sealing beauties at Goodwill yesterday!

The wooden lids seal! Yippee!

I gave the lids a coat of green spray paint. Well it was really enamel paint. Which I didn't know. And so I kind of messed it up a little. Enamel is tricky. Oh well.

White sugar, Brown sugar,  Powdered sugar--the PERFECT size for each bag.
Here they are in their new home:

I'm still looking for the perfect containers for flour--I need two for whole wheat and regular. Good things come to those who wait. I'm sure of it.

I also got a little fancy with some planting yesterday.

I saw the same herb growing kit that my friend Kendal had, and I wanted to give it a try.

This is what it looks like now:

This is what I'm promised it will look like soon:

We shall see.

And I made a terrarium! Or terranium. Or a jar filled with some plants that may or may not be doomed. Call it what you will.

It's an ecosystem! Hopefully it won't die.

It goes on our table. Like this:

Speaking of our table, while I was at Lowes I picked up some paint swatches. Because, you see, I'm not sold on this whole "shiny black table" situation. It's a really, really nice hardwood table that we got for a STEAL of a deal ($50.00ish). I really want to strip and refinish it but....that is a lot of work. So, I'm entertaining the thought of adding "Just paint the table!" to my future projects list.

These are what I'm kind of leaning towards:

What do you think? Or should I just wait until I have the time/will to refinish it?

Decisions, decisions.


Holly said...

I swear one day I'm going to fly you here to decorate my house! :) You're awesome! And I would wait on the table...I think painted wood on a big piece like that sometimes looks tacky! Love your baking holders though! super cute!!

freya said...

you never cease to inspire me. i really need to do something about the decor status of our house. we're skrugglin'. good call with the two containers for flour, i just dumped the wheat on top of the regular. not smart.

also, i love the greens.
i hear geniuses pick green.

Kaylee said...

wait to refinish it. If you knew my grandmother Watkins (actually, you might. She probably was the matron at the temple when you got endowed and sealed), she would shake you and tell you to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER paint over hardwood. Finishing it is always worth the wait. Please, don't jip yourself :)Love, Vicky Watkins. Thought I should pass it on!

The Hargretts said...

I would say paint it because I know for me I don't like to wait on decorating/craft ideas but at the same time I don't want you to be regretting it... you know what I mean?

Kristen said...

decorate my house with knick knacks. PLEASE!

Tanya said...

Whoa! the chandellier is yellow! When did you change that?

Lindy said...

Holly, Kaylee: I've almost come over to your side of the fence...Grandma's guilt trip really got me. As did the word "tacky." But seriously, refinishing is hard.

Freya: I like your house. Especially that living room furniture :) Sooo fun. Now you have white wheat flour, right? haha...I'm pretty sure that's how that works. :)

Kristen: Anytime :) Just set a date. But, just be warned that husbands have strange reactions to knick knacks. Cory refers to it as "my random useless junk" and is constantly pretending to break my pretties.

Tanya: I did it on Jesse's birthday actually :) While the boys had study time I had spraypaint time out on the back porch :) I think it helps it pop, yes? :)