Sunday, July 24, 2011

Semi-Annual Check Up

Do you guys remember this post from 7 months ago? You know, my New Year's Resolutions post?

I made some goals, and I've been pretty hit or miss.

1) Get organized. Slowly working though this one...I kind of had to start all over last month though. So cut me some slack.
The kitchen is the closest to feeling moved into...You're seeing my washer and dryer solution here.
Thanks Dad and Jesse!
And I finally hung those plates up in the dining room...getting closer!

2) Get dressed. I actually feel pretty okay on this one lately. Getting a "real person" job helped. 

3) Eat what I need. Not what I want. Epic failure. 

4) Ummm...workout. 3 times a week. See above.

5) Sleep. (8 hours a night) Could use some improvement, but overall I'm doing really well.

6) Blog more. Averaging one blog post a week baby! Whoop!

7) How about: GRADUATE. I can almost taste it. Done and DONE.

8) Take pictures. Making progress here too.

9) Kiss my niece and nephew. In person. This could also coincide with a sister's reunion? Sister's reunion was a smashing success! Let's make it annual?

10) Save some clams. Umm...I do okay.

11) Read. I love reading. Daily scripture study and some fluff too. I've read a lot of fluff. And cried in the food court at school while I was reading this book:

That's normal right? Right. Anyway...

What I have really brought you here to talk about is numbers three and four (Eat right and Work Out), but I figured I could use a self evaluation of the whole list.

Last week I finally implemented my plan to force myself to work out. I got my brother Jesse to drop me off at work in the morning on Tuesday and Friday. Then, I'm left without a vehicle, and must find my own way home at 5:00. Our new place is just 2 miles away from school--the perfect wogging distance. That's right: wogging. It's what you get when you combine "walking" and "jogging." Mostly walking. But I did it! Twice! And this week will be even better! It feels good to be doing something again.

 I'm planning to add a little bit more to the routine over time, but I know me, and I know how easy it is for me to slip off the ol' fitness wagon. So I'm taking it slow, and trying to make it a habit. Now that I've told you about it, you should ask me how its going sometime. That way I'll feel accountable. 

Also, if you ever see me wogging, don't mention it. I gets embarrassed.

As to my eating habits, I have been eating a little better, and bringing my lunch to work. With apples, carrots or grapefruit for a snack. Yummy.

 I have a whole board full of recipes I'm planning to make for work lunches. The plan is to make enough of a salad for a few days, pack it up in separate containers, and then I have lunch ready to grab. 

I'll let you know how it goes!

Also, I made some cute rain cloud inspired by this cute baby shower:

Tut, tut, looks like rain! Anyone?


Meagan said...

Good post! When Brin saw those cloud flower puffs she goes "Look! Cooooool" It was the best! She loves them. Perfect addition to her room.

freya said...

oh there are so many things on that list i need to work on too! well done making progress on those resolutions. your washer/dryer idea turned out great! i looove those high chairs you found!

way to be, miss wogger!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

You're doing great on your goals! :) And it's awesome that you're posting your progress...keeps you accountable! Keep it up girl!!

Kaylee said...

I know how you feel about the whole eating better and working out resolution. I have also failed. I started doing yoga last week (after the more than epic failed P90X try). Lots of the yoga dvds or videos online are no more than 20 minutes and they really make you feel 20 thousand times better about yourself. Try it out.

Lindy said...

Meagan--I'm sooo happy Brinley thought her new poofs were "cool" (that is an awesome reaction to garner from an almost two year old!). I'm glad they could be put to good use!

Freya--That's Mrs. Wogger to you. ;)

Holly--Keep the encouragement coming! I need it!

Kaylee--I did yoga every morning for 20 minutes with the girl's I watched last week and really loved it--you find your videos on youtube?

Kaylee said...

Youtube, but mostly exercise tv or the library lol (our library system is legit). They are pretty easy to find.

Mrs. Blimes said...

You are so fab Lindy! Wogging. Love it! And your place is looking so very adorable!!!

Kourtney said...