Sunday, April 28, 2013

That Time I Threw Up On Public Transportation: A summary of the past 9 months.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's start with some pretty maternity pictures. Taken by the ever so lovely and talented Freya.

She's good, amiright? I loooove them. My favorite is the black and white of just me in the street. And the one of use holding the ultrasound picture. And our hands making hearts on my belly one.  Oh, I love them all. Thank you Freya!

So, now that you've seen the pretty, lets move on to some hardcore pregnancy details.

Since I didn't really keep track of things on a regular basis during this pregnancy, hows 'bout I just do a little summary of things looking back from 38.5 weeks. A highlights reel, if you will. If you're into that sort of thing, read on my friend. But be warned, things just might get real.

Morning sickness: This has definitely been the defining symptom of my pregnancy. But, the bright side is its not deabilitating. I mean, yes I throw up all over the place and without warning, but I don't actually feel nauseas and disgusting all the time, which is definitely preferable. Although, because I don't feel gross all the time, I tend to carry on with life as if nothing is different. So, I'm usually out and about when the sickness strikes. It's made for some truly hilarious/disgusting/awkward situations.

When I really start to think of the litany of places I've been sick, it starts to sound like a really messed up version of Green Eggs and Ham. Here, there and everywhere. In a car, on a bus, in the street, on my feet, a dark alley behind Red Lobster, in the trashcan at the doctor, in too many parking lots to count, and...I'll stop there.

I literally threw up on a bus this week. Luckily I had a bag, so no harm was really done. And I didn't even wet my pants, so I'd definitely call that one a win. The poor people in the bread aisle at Publix were not so lucky. I still can't look those cashiers in the eye. It was truly a massacre.

Oh little baby, I'm going to have some embarrassing stories that I looove to tell about you. You brought this on yourself, you know.

Anyway...I apologize if that seriously grosses you out; I no longer have a filter when it comes to awkward and disgusting bodily functions. Let's move on, shall we?

Swelling: Not so much really. Its been nice. My fingers are just a little too big for my wedding rings right now, but honestly, this one has passed me by so far. Lucky, I know.

Back/nerve pain: My lower back will hurt occasionally, but it hasn't been too bad over all. My feet will suddenly fall asleep sometimes, and I think it happens when she's sitting on a nerve or something. It's really sudden and super weird.

Weight gain: I think the whole getting sick thing has really kept this under control. I've gained maybe 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I also think this baby has Cory's superfast metabolism, so she's sucking up any extra calories I consume pretty well. Thanks baby.

Cravings:  Bagels with cream cheese and sometimes fancy toppings (basil, cucumber, tomato and balsamic is my absolute FAVORITE fancy bagel topping combination). Clementines and citrus. Strawberry lemonade. Fruit smoothies. Cranberry juice.  Seafood in general. And, weirdly enough, pancakes at midnight. And only at midnight. With wayyyy too much syrup. Nothing like whipping up a batch of pancakes in the middle of the night to make you feel like a totally normal, fully functioning adult.

Aversions: Cookies and milk. Or cereal and milk. I will get sick every. single. time. I don't know why I keep testing it. Oreos will never be the same! Dawn dish soup and bounty dryer sheets are the worst to me. So weird. The color orange still grosses me out. Note to self: don't spray paint things when you're 9 weeks pregnant (for many reasons, those chemicals probably aren't so good...).

Nesting: If wanting to throw everything in the house out because "I feel super claustrophobic and I hate all the things" is nesting, then yes. I've had nesting. My lack of interest in decorating/crafting was one thing that really surprised me. Non-pregnant Lindy lives for that kind of thing. Pregnant Lindy lives to sit on the couch and watch back to back episodes of Breakout Kings  (a subconcious effort to inspire this baby to make her own escape?). To each their own. The crib is set up, and her clothes and diapers are organized. What else does she want from us?

A name: I really thought we'd settle on a name early, but nothing has felt just right. Our current favorites are Annie and Amelia, so we'll see what feels right when she's born. Or rock paper scissors for it if nothing jumps out at us, I suppose.

And there you have it--I think I covered most of the high points. Little baby girl, we really are ready for you. I am so lucky to be your mom. We're excited to meet you any day now. Come when you're ready--I'm quite at my leisure, you know. Although, your Dad has his last final on Thursday, so he'd probably appreciate it if you held off until then. See what you can do, kay? See you soon! xoxox


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Morning sickness, blerg. The worst!!! This was a fun post to read! I love reading about pregnancies and birth stories. Seriously though, Amy Freya and I were talking yesterday at church how you should name your baby Clementine. So cute, right?? But I love both Annie and Amelia. Ryan loved Amelia for Ellie, but it just didn't sound right when paired up next to Brinley's name. The last 2 weeks are the worst, so take lots of baths and rest rest rest. Can't wait for you!!!

Kristen said...

i love your throw up stories. and i really wish i was there for the publix one. what a nightmare that must have been!
it's amazing how soon after the baby comes that you feel almost normal. the swelling goes away, hip/back pain goes away, the throwing up. it's a nice relief!
i'm SOOOO excited for you guys!!! can't wait to meet this little baby!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

The Notting Hill picture is my favorite! :) And it's not fair you should look so beautiful!

And I think it's good to document all the fun/exciting details of being pregnant. Even if it is throwing up on a bus, it's what makes it real! :)

I'm so excited for this little lady to make her appearance! Don't worry the time will fly, I promise! :) Love you!!

The Hargretts said...

I feel bad but I litterally bust out laughing during the morning sickness one... thank goodness it's just me here at work right now. I just remember that one you told Freya and I about bringing in the groceries. I love the name Amelia and if you call her that may I please call her Amelia Badelia like the book. BUT I know she will not be like her because she has two very intelligent parents. I can't wait! Seriously I hope it's this weekend =)

freya said...

oh the memories. seriously you are such a professional at being discrete while tossing your cookies. definitely a good skill to have! can't wait to meet this baby girl! and to find out what her name will be! both of those choices are adorable!

Tanya said...

Well, at least you have lots of good stories! haha. It'll all be over soon. And then you'll find yourself occasionally missing that belly, and quickly remind yourself of the puking and move on.
Also, I love both of those names! So pretty! Not sure which one I even like better.