Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Right on Target

Yesterday, while I was walking into Target (to buy the Target specific brand of Select nuts that everyone in the office can't live without...I have a very important job) I overheard a Mommy-Daughter exchange that made my day. I noticed two little girls in matching green shirts, pigtails, and lacy bobby socks, forming a human chain as the mother held a small baby in one arm, and grasped one of her daughters hands, who in turn held tightly to her sister. As they walked in the door it went something like this:

Mom: Girls, I just noticed something I'd never noticed before!
Little Girls: What is it??
Mom: The "Out" sign is red, and the "In" sign is green. Why do you think that is?
Little girls: *various sounds of confusion*
Mom: Well, what else do green and red mean?
Little Girls: CHRISTMAS!!

I feel confident that moments like this will make motherhood (someday) the best.
Until then, I can play with Jefferson! If Jackie will hurry up and have him already.


Alicia said...

Hey Lindy!! It's your cousin, Alicia! What's up? I didn't know you were an English Major. You're living out my dream, baby! It's great to ready your posts.

Becca said...

Yes! How did you find me, Lindy? ooh, I love this post--cute story about the girls at Target. And HURRAH for English majors! You and your full-ride scholarships . . .

I assume from what I've read that Jackie is pregnant?

Thanks for finding me--you're one of my most favorites EVER.

PS- Plus, great writing, Lindy.