Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If You Can't Take the Heat...

Following the noble tradtion of singles wards across the nation, Tallahassee's very own 5th ward holds a "Break the Fast" potluck on the first Sunday of each month. This past Sunday it was "Battle of the Sexes" themed--each gender's dishes were to be compared, judged, and the winners were awarded first pick of the dessert table. On Thursday I get a lovely wall post from our Break the Fast Co-ordinator proclaiming her excitement for my "Chinese Onion Pancakes". Chinese....onion...pancakes? Oh dear. Lots of thoughts ran through my head...confusion..and...well, mostly confusion. Long story shorter: I figured she needed someone to make them and I blindly follow orders, I googled them, and learned something new.

Sunday morning, I walk into the kitchen with my oniony goodness, and tell her something along the lines of, "Well, I don't know what you're expecting, but I tried...". She turns and looks wide eyed at my dish. "You MADE them?" A few minutes earlier, CINDY, a girl from Taiwan had brought in her plate of, you got it, Chinese Onion Pancakes. Apparently Cindy doesn't have the clearest handwriting. And she signed up right next to Kristen, so Lindy was the next name that came to mind. What that says about me and Kristen, I don't know. :)
So, my googled version of a Chinese staple faced off against a, shall we say, authentic version. And I'm told mine put up a good fight. Were maybe even (dare I say it?) preferred. Take that, all of Asia.
Pictured in all of their glory. What you think is a table cloth is actually my apron! And yes, I am aware that it looks like it belongs on a 70 year old cat lady's couch. That's because thats where I got it! I helped a little old lady with her garage sale, and found this GORGEOUS throw pillow case. Now it is my apron, and I wear it with pride.

Speaking of cooking, I finally finished my little recipe book. Inspired by the recipe notecards Becca Renfroe makes, I took my favorite recipe's and made them into little 4x6 notecards. Then it was quick work to put them into a photo album (water proof!), and for convenience's sake make little tabs. I love tabs. Since I only had about 10 recipes that I loved that much, and it took a lot of time to make the silly cards, I went ahead and printed off Becca's recipes too! Thanks Becca! So now my little book is full. If you would like the cards, I can e-mail them to you. No problemo.

So handy!

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Kaylee said...

Girl! I saw your pancakes and had NO CLUE what they were, but ther were delicious! lol.... and I love your apron too! I'd love some recipes of you got them because I was wanting tto make a recipe book like that too