Saturday, August 29, 2009

I <3 NY

Jesse decided to work as a tech for a security system company in New York for the summer. Long, lonely, pressure filled days awaited him there. For that I am deeply sorry, Jesse. But it really worked out awesome for me! I decided to visit him, and one of my best friends in the whole wide world came with me! And then, just 'cause we're spontaneous her little sister came with the both of us! We drove many miles made difficult by the challenges of road rage, wobbley tires, GPS systems, and sibling rivalry, but we conquered all and made it to the "Big Apple." But nobody really calls it that. Anways, I have some sweet pictures. And it was great to see my brudder!

Behold--the Statue of Liberty! As seen from the Staten Island Ferry--a very cost effective mode of transport.The view of Manhattan at "dusk" from Brooklyn:

Oh yea--we went there. We were trying to avoid "touristy" things. We were driven by some urge to look cool and local. But then we realized we had to be true to ourselves.

Our adventures in China town! The legality of our adventures here fall into what some people would call "gray area". Sneaking into hidden rooms to barter for Gucci bags and Chanel earrings is an everyday thing for these people.

Central park seems nice. This is about all we saw of it.

The Brooklyn bridge has some very scenic angles.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:
(This is the Manhattan Bridge, as seen from the Brooklyn Bidge)

All of us at the end of our 1.14 mile trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. We're pretty hardcore.

The Museum of Modern Art. They have art. And they have a sampling of the average height of today's humans. Which is also art, apparently.
We're cute:
This is about the time we stopped trying to fit in. The combination of self timing camera's, steps and us is not a wise one.
This is all we need:Times Square:
Bikes are fun:Our first official New York street vendor fare:They don't really show you this side of New York in all those sappy romantic comedies, or sassy career woman flicks. But this is the truth:
After a few days of the dirty, busy, exciting city we decided to take a break and relax on Fire Island.The journey to the lighthouse took longer than expected. I had to forage.
We FINALLY made it to the top of the lighthouse. See the random guy bringing up the rear? Lara, Claudia and I were chatting with him for a while. Then Jesse walks in and it turns out they go to the same ward! Trippy, I know.
Our reaction to the news that we're now going to have to listen to the 80 year old tour guide speak:
Beach fun:

Sexy has never looked so good:
We were a little shocked to find out we went to a nude beach. Whoops.


Becca said...

I wasn't really jealous until I saw the hot dog photo. You don't know how long I've wanted to go to NYC and get a real hot dog from a real hot dog vendor.

You're the cutest girl I know, Lindy Lee. I still tell people about how you hardboiled all the eggs in my fridge while you were "babysitting."

Kaylee said...

Lindy... you are so whitty! you crack me up! looks like you had a blast! LUCKY!

Alyse Patrice said...

Are those body bags?!? Haha I'm glad you had a good time! I'm super jealous! I want to go to NY next year...and quite possibly might!