Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At least I have my health.

Sometimes I have trouble keeping track of things. I make allowances for this behavior.

For instance, I often lose my keys. Or lock them in the car.
And so, I have a set of spare keys in my purse.

Not to mention, I'm often running late.
And so, I'm really nice when I get there.

And when I lock my purse AND my keys in the car.
I've prepared by scattering spare sets of car keys throughout my friends, family and mere acquaintances.

So you see, I've developed a pretty fool proof set of measures to protect myself from myself.

But, against all odds, sometimes my system fails me.

I was running short on underwears, which around here means its time to do laundry. (Yes, thats how I gauge the need to do laundry). But it just didn't seem right. It really felt like I had done at least some laundry with in the past week recently.

I shook off that feeling, and decided to make the bed. It had been left unmade for some time and was starting to look a little sad. I smoothed the sheets, and began to pick up the mountain of pillows and blankets heaped up in one corner of our room.

At the bottom of the mountain, hiding under all those pillows, I found a basket.

A basket full of my and Cory's clean underwears.

Mystery solved.


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Lindy you crack me up! So something I do to keep me from losing my keys is we got a hook thing (with a Texas star!) that we hang right by the front door, so the minute I get inside I hang up my keys! It seems to work pretty well! :) Maybe you should try it! And I gauge my laundry on lack of underwear as well! Haha

Becca said...

PS- just buy more underwears . . . sometimes you can go a good three weeks sans laundressing if you have enough.

Becca said...

Where's the picture to accompany this story? Or were you too embarrassed at the state of your bedroom to share???


Lindy said...

Becca--I didn't intend on sharing it with the world, so I did not document the occasion. :) But, I'm sure it won't be too long before we can get it staged appropriately...
Also, I'll definitely be looking into getting some more underwears. This whole, laundry every two weeks is killing me :)

Holly--I've been plotting a key rack for a while now! The craft stars just havn't alligned...soon!

Anonymous said...

lol u amaze me! and i kinda love ur funny but glorious life.... :)