Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here...

Cory worries a lot. Especially about fires. Namely, he thinks I'm going to start one. In our house.

I've taken steps to reduce this somewhat irrational fear, but despite my best efforts I'm still hearing a lot of "Lindy! Don't light that candle underneath our memo board full of paper!" or "Uhh...did you turn the stove off?"

Today, it was all about the hair straightener.

This is where my hair straightener lives:

Today I decided to straighten my hair. But when I tried to turn my straightener on, I found that it was unplugged. The only plug along this wall is hidden deep within the narrow and unreachable recess between the dresser and the wall. I asked Cory if he had unplugged it. He had. Turns out, he's noticed I have a habit of turning the straightener on in the mornings, and forgetting to turn it off. Then it burns all day, and will probably explode and kill us all.

 I'm aware of this habit. This is why I purchased the metal, presumably fireproof, tray. This was my solution.

Cory wasn't buying that the tray would keep us safe. I promised to be more vigilant with the "off" switch, and he plugged it back in for me. All was right with the world.

On our way home from church, Cory says, "Hey, you turned off your straightener, right?"
Me: Of course I did...Probably.
Cory: Lindy!
Me: I really think I did...

When we walk in the door, we both make a bee-line for the straightener, where it sat with it's little red light blinking proudly, signaling to all the world that it was hot and ready to go at 400 degrees.

My bad.

So, needless to say, we're working on fire safety in our house this week. Wish me luck.

Also, the rug came in!!! I love it.
Don't you love my fancy slipcover? I call it "An old sheet draped over a chair I found in the street, with some fancy knots tying the edges together under there."  


Becca said...

I have that same problem of leaving on heir appliances and Allen has the same problem of unplugging the straightener and then putting it with the hair dryer and wrapping both cords around both appliances, which annoys me.

The rug looks great!

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL for real! Why is it so dang hard to remember to turn those bad boys off? And WHY don't the manufacturers design it with an optional auto-off like after an hour or something!?!

Also, LOVE the rug!

Kristen said...

The rug look amazing! Good choice!
I think fire awarness is a natural instinct for humans. Lance is always saying that things will start a fire. Also, he thinks the off switch on my straighter is the test button on the actual plug, not the switch. So when I plug it in and it doesn't turn on, I know I left it on and he pushed the test button. Silly husbands!

freya said...

amen to marquesas' comment! that would make the world a much safer place for all!
that's the one good thing about the days when i have to leave the house before brett, cause then i can call him to tell him to turn off the straightener for me :)

i'm lovin' the rug!

Annette said...

oh.... good choice in the rug... looks great!!!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Haha, you're too funny Lindy! And I do love that rug! It turned out beautiful! And I totally have almost that exact same chair with a slightly different slipcover! :)

Kourtney said...

Marvelous rug dah-ling! Smashingly perfect for your living room. I do declare, your are quite the decorator!