Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm so ready

Ah, December.

Our stalwart little Senor NutCracker is here to stay for a few weeks. 

Check out those pearly whites.
I love how full and cozy Christmas decorations make a house. Our Christmas monkeys from last year are up in the trees too. I missed them these past eleven months.

In other news, I brought home some homemade cinnamon rolls leftover after our Relief Society Activity yesterday. I had three. One for Cory, one for Tanya, and one for Jesse. At least that was my intention.

Sorry Jesse and Tanya. Those suckers were so good. They didn't even last long enough for a photo op, much less out the door and over to their rightful owners. I blame Cory, although, I admit, it didn't take very much convincing.

 I'll make you a whole plate, I promise. Just as soon as my Kitchen Aid is repaired (It BROKE. I know. I'll let you know how it goes with customer service tomorrow. Fingers crossed for an easy resolution).

I'm so ready for Christmas to be here already. That is for suuuure.


Meagan said...

Those cinnamon rolls were to die for!!

The Hargretts said...

OH please let us know about your KitchenAid! I really hope it turns out okay. I love the nutcracker too =) They always make me smile.

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Come decorate my house!! :) Everything looks beautiful! And I also love the warmth and charm of Christmas! Also, good luck with your KitchenAid, that's a real bummer!

freya said...

yaaay! i love your christmas decor! i need me some sock monkeys!
good luck with your kitchenaid! eek!