Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Favorite Movies

We don't really watch TV. I don't think my parents have paid for cable in the entire 30 years they've been married. Instead they buy movies, and when they want to unwind, they pop a classic in. We're the type of family that watches movies again, and again, and again. We watch them until we can quote them, and then we quote them while we watch them.

If my dad isn't out working on the yard, you can find him slouched on the couch (its a very particular posture--you have to sink down until your butt hangs off the bottom, and your head is awkwardly touching the place where your back should go. It sounds so wrong, but feels so right. Try it. You'll see.), snoozing away to one of his favorite movies.

In honor of Father's Day, I've compiled a list of the movies you can expect to be playing while he snores endearingly on the couch unwinds.

Here they are, in the order they popped into my head:

The Shakiest Gun in the West 
This movie has a drunken Don Knotts threatening to "spread dental hygiene across the west like a plague." Oh yes, its good. It was on Netflix Instant play a while back, and we definitely hit that up. Also the right answer to any question you don't know the answer to is "Waatay?"

The Music Man 
This is an amazing musical. And you haven't really lived until you've heard my Dad implore, "Play to me!! Play to me!!"

Singin' in the Rain
I know I've talked about my family's love for this movie before, but, I'm going to talk about it some more because, really. It's that good. Ever since Cory saw it if he hears a french sounding word he'll say "Oh Peirre, You shouldn't have come!" except he substitutes the french sounding word in there. The other day while I was telling him we need to buy an armoire he says, "Oh Armoire! You shouldn't have come!" And of course I reply with "Yes, Yes, Yes. NO. NO. NO!"

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery go all black ops on you. It's never gets old.

My Fair Lady 
My mom hates the ending of this movie. It makes her really angry that Eliza changes so drastically, and Dr. Higgins is all "Where the devil are my slippers?" Other than that one little thing though, we're all on board with this movie.

Pride and Prejudice 
The new one.  My dad can't stand the BBC version, and if it is ever playing will mock it. I think Mr. Collins is my dad's favorite character. He definitely laughs the most anytime he's on the screen (and for good reason).

Ever After
Drew Barrymore's best work, by far. Who doesn't love a good Cinderella story though, really?

The Princess Bride 
I can remember the day my dad picked this movie up at a Hastings Rental Store. We were expecting a serious, "Ever After-esque" movie. We got...well, The Princess Bride. We've overcome the initial disappointment, and now the movie has made it on to this list, so yea. We like it a lot.

The Count of Monte Cristo 
Who doesn't love this epic movie? Seriously, so good.

The Man from Snowy River 
If you've heard of this one, marry me. Right. Now.  It's got Australian accents, tight jeans, and rogue stallions.

The Return to Snowy River
The sequel to The Man from Snowy River. More accents, jeans, and stallions. Also, it ties up a lot of loose ends from the first one, so thats a bonus. I hear there was even a third one made, but thats not something we talk about here.

The Mask of Zorro
Action, romance, Spanish accents. There's something there for the whole family.

I can't watch ANY of these movies without thinking about my Dad. He's got pretty good movie taste, don't you think?

Now, I'm going to close with a million pictures of my Dad mostly because I can. And I really couldn't choose. They are all amazing, if you ask me. The non-ironic 'stash is so Ron Swanson. Holy cow, I just realized that if Ron Swanson were a real person, he and my Dad would pretty much be best friends.

I love my Dad. And I think I'm going to add all of those movies to my cart on Amazon. Because I need them in my life for always.


freya said...

my parents have always been movie not tv people like that too. great movie list you've got there! your dad does have good taste! i love all of these old pictures!

The Hargretts said...

I think all dads do the "i'm watching a movie but really snoring during the movie" thing. I love all those movies except for the few I did not know but the majority awesome choices. My dad totally sported the Ron Swanson stach too!

Alicia said...

Our Dads are SO brothers. I actually bought "The Shakiest Gun in the West" for all of my siblings for Christmas two years ago, and they were all stoked. Except for Steven who quietly admitted that he already owned it.
"Lizard Roll!"

That movie list is so classic and so similar to our family favorites! I love it.
Also: we have about 5 pictures stashed away that look pretty much just like the one with Jesse in boots, a cowboy hat and a diaper, Dad in the background. I'm going to email this post to Mom. She and Dad will love reading it and seeing all of the pictures. The one of your Mom and Dad on the couch is so great -I can't WAIT to see you guys!

Lindy Allen said...

Freya--something about that generation, maybe? They just like movies?

Kendal--The Ron Swanson Stache is a classic!!

Alicia--I love that our good movie taste is hereditary. And I can't wait to be out there in 2 weeks!!! Seeing everyone in person is going to be awesome!!!

Becca said...

Your dad has good movie taste. I have never seen "The Shakiest Gun in the West" and I don't really care for "Ever After" . . . but all the rest are amazing movies.

I do love it when Allen says "The part where you said my name" in an affected Drew Barrymore British accent voice, though.