Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lately, and not so lately.

 Cory is back in school after a long lazy summer. I think we both forgot how demanding his school work can be. I miss him sometimes, but then I remember that its his last year!!! Less than a year, really. He'll be graduating in May. Just 7 months away! I'm definitely excited to see what changes the next year brings for us. These are the thoughts that keep me company while he's solving complex equations, and doing price comparisons on solar panels for his Senior Design Robot.

Anyway, 7 months seems like the far side of forever right at this very moment, but when I blink my eyes time speeds by so fast! I mean really. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were all just kids running around wearing superhero costumes on a random Tuesday, and rocking sweet 80's print pant suits? Here's to life.

Hanging out with my brothers in their cowboy hats, circa 1992

Me on the ranch, circa 1993
This was not Halloween.

Watching an eclipse with my sisters. We all made our fashion choices that day. Some better than others...


Tanya said...

I've never seen that first picture! Sooo cute!! Also, the fashion choices are amazing. haha.

Can't wait till Cory's done. Woo!

freya said...

it's seriously going to fly by until graduation! i still feel like it was just yesterday we were at this point with brett! so exciting!

fashion choices... hilarious. you're always making me laugh!

The Hargretts said...

It's so true before you know it graduation day will be here! Love the family pictures too. I think the 90's were good for everyone. haha.

Also, I had no idea you had such blond hair as a child.

Lindy Allen said...

Tanya--I have some more pics that I should e-mail to you. They are def. classic!

Freya--I know!! I can't believe Brett is done already. We're next in line!!!

Kendal--haha the 90's were so great. Can't beat 'em. And yea--I had much lighter hair growing up--I still think of myself as a "dirty blonde" even though I am most definitely in the "mousey brown" category these days! ha

Jason and Jackie said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You might have been too little, but I remember the early nineties vividly :)

Becca said...

Last picture = best picture on your blog. "We all made our fashion choices that day" HAHAHAHA!!!! THAT is why I love you.