Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween 2014

A few months ago I was bringing out the next size up clothes for Amelia, and one of the dresses was this fantastic red polka dotted number that I immediately thought, now that would be a cute minnie mouse dress. So I filed it away in my head, knowing full well that we'd have a new baby due right around Halloween, and the chances of us celebrating the holiday were slim to none ( I get very anti craft while pregnant...).

But, it turns out, I didn't have the baby yet, and I actually found some small spark of motivation to make her a little costume! I used the bloomers that came with the dress to make a big bow with some black felt circles glued to it for minnie ears. Amelia won't keep headbands on anymore, but she's totally down with the clip in bows, so that was lucky. Then we needed new bloomers so...I sewed rows and rows of lace to some a plain white set, and the cuteness level pretty much exploded. The whole time I was doing it I just kept giggling...if a baby's bum covered in ruffles doesn't make you happy, then you are living in a cold world, my friend.

The grandparents were helping with a church trunk or treat last weekend, so we crashed their party. Just like last year...I guess this makes it officially a tradition!


  • Lace on Amelia's bum. I mean, thats just got to be listed first.
  • It was pretty cold when we left in the morning, so she wore her red pea coat and red mittens, and it totally matched, and how are you so cute??
  • Cornhole--she started out way back, but quickly figured out it was more efficient to stand directly above the hole
  • Donut eating on a string was also a hit. She thought it was the trickiest trick that her donut was tied up.
  • Trunk or treating. She had to have the candy handed to her, then SHE would put it in her bag. A few times people just dumped some pieces in her bag and she gave them the most offended little look. Snooty girl.
  • Hearing her little garbled "trick or treat". Mostly she just said "treat". Thats my girl.

And just for fun, let's compare last year's costume to this year. Oh. my. word. If I wasn't so super pregnant right now, that little baby owl might just convince me it was time to have another baby. How is this her second Halloween?? Oh time, you are a fickle mistress.


Kristen said...

i cant believe the difference between last year and this year! holy cow! she was such a cute minnie mouse!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

She's looks perfect! And it was so simple to put together!! Love it! :) I also think it's funny you're anti-craft while pregnant...I am like craft-extreme while pregnant! Haha Adorable Halloween pictures! I hope that baby comes soon!

Jason and Jackie said...

What a cute little Minnie! Great job with the costume :)