Sunday, March 27, 2011

Herbs, 'Shrooms and Inspiration

Here's a bunch of random things. A smattering, if you will.

Bridget and I planted a garden! We were having a very difficult time picking out a theme for our garden. Herbs, vegetables, many options! Eventually, we just picked our favorite of each. We're really good at decisions.

I've never had very much success with growing things, so we're really interested to see what happens with this little project. Hey you veteran gardeners out there, tell me your secrets!

I've amassed quite a collection of "reclaimed" wood objects for future projects. I keep them on the porch. 'Cause I'm classy like that.

I picked the broken ladder up from a day care down the road. I asked permission before I dug it out of their trash pile. It was at this moment that it really hit me how little pride I have. The kids all pressed their faces up against the chain link fence, watching the crazy white lady load a broken ladder into the trunk of her very dented car. Whatev. I got a sweet ladder.

Someday (soon, I hope) I'm going to marry the boards to this quote:

I just need a few more old crappy boards. And my sander!

And, I'll finish off with a little bit of home decor according to Cory. Tanya gave Cory a little Mario 'Shroom filled with candy for Christmas.  He loved the candy. Thanks, Tanya! You'll be happy to know that he's found the little shroom to be more than just a candy jar.

I guess things get pretty lonely in there sometimes.

 He reminds me of the shy, yet gifted kid who sits in the front of the class. 
I seriously think Cory just goes around trying to put things inside of other things.

Hmm...Cory just came out of his study room and said, "Lindy, you never make me cookies or brownies."

Master of subtlety, that one.

I haven't been grocery shopping in a month so...we'll see how this goes! He LOVES when I make creative food solutions. Mayonnaise is so versatile...


Kristen said...

Wasn't there a time when you didn't grocery shop for a whole semester? That takes talent. If only we all had your creative cooking skills.

freya said...

your photo skillz never cease to amaze me. i'm excited to see you reclaimed wood projects! who needs pride when it comes to free supplies for awesome projects! i still need some wood for that necklace rack. any suggestions for where to find a good side o' the road pile?

also, i'm a veteran plant killer. so speaking from experience, just make sure if you go out of town that someone else waters those little pups for you or they might shrivel up and hate you.

The Hargretts said...

I love your craft projects!! I'm so interested to see what you make with the ladder. I should start looking out for cool things for you. haha!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

That is one sweet ladder! You are a trash picker/crafter extraordinare!

Ok, how in the heck have you gone a month w/o grocery shopping! That is remarkable for real! What are yall living off of!?! You need to teach me that trick so I can save some pennies round here!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

You guys never cease to crack me up! :) Oh, and I'm super jealous about your little garden! We've been wanting to plant one here...but there's still snow!! UGH! We have to wait til like the middle of April! :( Good luck with yours!!

Becca said...

You are as cute as ever. I love potted plants, but ESPECIALLY potted herbs. Your strawberries need some more strawberry friends.

Lindy said...

Kristen--I think my record was 2 months without grocery shopping.

Freya--I will keep my eyes peeled for old stacks of wood (more so than usual...which is saying a lot...)

Kendal--Yes. You definitely should!

Marquesas--Its not really that hard...but things do get weird.Very weird. Cory ends up begging me to go grocery shopping so we can have "regular" food.

Holly--I'm jealous of your snow! The little pots are actually not mine--I planted them with the girl I watch after school. But I'm sooo excited to plant my own pot garden soon! This is kind of a test run for me...haha

Becca--Agreed. The strawberries get lonely.