Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pillow Talk with my Puff Daddy

Usually right before we go to sleep, we talk. Sometimes we even hold hands and talk. Pretty much anything goes, and we'll gossip, tell funny stories, complain about work (me), complain about lab reports (him), and one time we just took turns saying things we like about each other. Which was very sweet.

Last night, just as we were getting very sleepy, we had this little exchange:

Lindy: Today I made cream puffs with Bridget. 
Cory: You can DO that?
Lindy: Well, I'd never done it before, but my mom used to do it all the time, so I had an idea of how it works. But anyway....
Cory: Wait. How do they get all puffy?
Lindy: I dunno. The salt maybe?
Cory: Yea, probably. How do you get the cream inside?

[Then I got distracted explaining how we filled them up, and had a side story about how we tried to make homemade whipped cream with half and half coffee creamer, which, not surprisingly, failed. So we used a can of Reddi-whip to fill them up instead. It's diversions like this that make a simple story take half an hour. Eventually I got back on track, which is where we'll pick up]

Lindy: But, that's not the point. One of the tips I read said to poke the puffs with a toothpick after baking. So I gave a toothpick to Bridget, and told her to poke them, and I started cleaning up. When I looked back over to see how it was going, I saw that every time she would poke one, they would collapse and deflate! Turns out that is the opposite of what you should do. So we stopped doing that real fast, but we'd already deflated half of the puffs.

So we both laugh over the silly mistake, and I start to fall asleep. Then...

Cory: I want cream puffs.
Lindy: Hmm...I think we have all the stuff to make them.
Cory: Can we make them?
Lindy: Ummm....sure.
Cory: Now?
Lindy: Ummm....okay.
Cory: Yay!!

And that is the story of how we made cream puffs at midnight.

We are basically pastry chefs.

I'm posting the recipe over at Pile o' Craft, so if you'd like to have your own cream puff adventure, click on over

Now I've gotta pack, cause we're takin' a trip to Orlando today and tomorrow! Yay for a mini-vacation :)


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Y'all always have the cutest stories! :) And my mom totally makes cream puffs all the time too! Sometimes instead of filling them with cream though she puts like chicken salad in them, they make for a tasty little snack/hors douvre.

Lindy said...

That is the best idea!!! I'm definitely doing that for the next party I'm in charge of. GENIUS! Also I'm adding that to the recipe post. Too good NOT to share. Thanks Holly!

Jennifer said...

possibly the best post I've read in some time, cause everybody loves a good ending! I want cream puffs!

The Hargretts said...

You're amazing!! I have never meet anyone who made cream puffs. Sweet story though... Chris and I will have pillow talk sometimes at least if we get to bed early enough =)

Brett said...

i'm not gonna lie i was a little wary of what this post would hold based on the title haha
you guys are so cute and talented, send some cream puffs my way!

hope your trip is awesome!

Brett said...

p.s. i'm signed in as brett ha! how hilarious! ooo that makes me laugh to read that like it's brett speaking