Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ode to My Mother

Dear Mom,

You are awesome. You are the perfect mom for me. 

People say that I look just like you. Can I just say, I really really hope they're right?

Photo via Kim Brock
See? You're gorgeous.

Also, you're great with kids. Not only did you raise five amazing (if I do say so myself...) kids, you teach  other people's kids how to be awesome all day, every day too.

Your grandbabies are so lucky. Jefferson can't resist you, even in the most trying
of times.

Thanks for teaching me things. And helping me out when I get in way over my head. I love that you're the first person I call when I find awesome trash on the side of the road...

And then you're always there to help me turn aforementioned trash into something great (along with your trusty husband...but his post will come, okay? Also, you did a really good job of picking him out. Just so you know. Thanks for that. Really, really.)

In fact, looking back, a lot of our relationship revolves around "projects" like that one. You gave me the confidence to try things, and the knowledge to know how to make my crazy ideas come to life.

I always think of you when I go into a thrift store.

I thought of you the whole time I painstakingly filled my metal scoop with vintage buttons in one such a store on Friday.

Yea...I sifted through a giant vat of vintage buttons and hand picked only the very "best" into 1/4 cup scoop the shop allotted. 

Hey, at $2.00 a scoop, I'm only getting the good ones! Just like you taught me.

My definition of best also includes things like Jadite strainer measuring cups and old wooden spools of thread. You taught me that too.

I'm grateful I have a mom like you. Cory is grateful too. He says, "Thanks for making my Lindy!"

Also, he designed a card in your honor. We both camped out at my craft station this afternoon, and made some mother's day cards. Cory picked out the colors, and design. And had a little bit of a meltdown with a glue stick. But redeemed himself by teaching me how to properly fold paper in half. Like, exactly in half.

One for each of our wonderful mothers.

Yours should be arriving via post any day now.

Thank you for being my mom! I wouldn't be the same (or alive) with out you!


P.S. I currently have poison ivy poisoning. It sucks. And looks like leprosy.


The Hargretts said...

Your mom is awesome! Such a sweet post. Sorry to hear about your poison ivy though =(

Becca said...

This is very sweet. Your mom is a great woman, and I love all the pictures on this post.

Only, I don't think your mom would want you to use the word "sucks" . . . even if it is about poison ivy.

I'm just sayin'.

freya said...

what a sweet post! i wanna check out the button scoop place the next time we go to st. george.

do you ever look at design sponge on thursdays for their before and after? you should submit that chair! it's rockin!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

You're so sweet Lindy! :) I know your mom would love hearing this!!

Annette said...

Okay... where is the button place? I think I might need to check it out!