Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me.

Alright guys.  I am the proud recipient of a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, with a minor in Psychology! 

It feels so good to be done. Not that its been particularly difficult to get done.

Sometimes, when I look back on the past four years I've spent earning my higher education, I feel lazy. I see Cory slaving away at his desk every single day, working out problems that take hours of his time, and then making perfect scores on extremely challenging tests and wonder, "Should my education have been more like that?"  

And then I think, "Nah."

My degree wasn't that hard for ME to earn, but I know it would be the ultimate challenge for others. Writing papers, reading short stories, and interpreting hidden meanings in texts would be a nightmare for someone else.(And by "someone else", I mean "Cory"). For example, I just finished a class which required me to watch chick flicks and bromances and make coherent conclusions about our modern day society and its attitudes towards gender. This is not for everyone.  But the fact that it came so easily to me, lets me know that I choose the right degree for me.

There is something to be said for choosing the path of least resistance. I've really enjoyed my college education. I've learned a little about a lot of things. I can tell you about Pompeii, popular music trends, meteorology,  dinosaurs, poetry, Frankenstein and a lot of literary theory. I've written countless papers, and researched until the wee hours of the morning many a time. Earning this degree took work, but it was fun!

 But you know what else takes the path of least resistance? Water. 

And just look what water can accomplish.

Boom. The Grand Canyon, baby. 
That makes me feel better about my choices.

Four years ago I choose to attend Florida State University. This wasn't what I thought I would choose at the time. But, they liked me. They kept sending me informational packets with pretty pictures of a dreamy campus.

I'm such a sucker for southern charm. The scholarship they offered didn't hurt either. 

When I first applied to FSU, I told them I was planning on majoring in Elementary Education. It seemed like a nice, practical choice for me. Three things convinced me to change it:

1. I really, really love reading and stories. Ever since I learned to read, its been my favorite thing to do. Once I learned to read, I quickly changed my career goal from the vague "Artist", to the still vague but more prestigious "Author and Illustrator".  As in, "What would you like to be when you grow up little girl?" would be answered,  "An author and illustrator." ( For the full effect, you should also know, I pronounced my "R" sound like a "W" until I was about eight.)

2. I took ENC 1102 at the local junior college my senior year of high school. I loved that class. My professor was hilarious, and his excitement for the literature we were studying was contagious. I worked really hard on my final paper for that class, but felt sure that it would never measure up to his standard of greatness. We exchanged papers for peer review, and after reading a classmates argument, I was even more sure that my paper was not up to par. After class, I over heard another student talking about the paper she had reviewed. She said that the person who wrote it knew exactly how to say what they wanted to, and then said it hilariously. I got a little bit jealous of whoever had written that paper, and I was sure my paper was going to fail. When we got our papers back I found out that she had been talking about MY paper! And the teacher had added his own note to say that he agreed, and that I was hilarious. He also wrote that I needed to be more careful with grammar and spelling, but let's not dwell on that.

3. I was already wavering, but the final push to change my major to English came when I read Dave Barry's guide to choosing your college major. This is what he has to say: "If you can regularly come up with lunatic interpretations of simple stories, you should major in English."

And so, I changed my major to English. I then spent the next four years of my life in the Williams building at FSU. This is where I learned to come up with lunatic interpretations like a champ.

Good bye Williams building. You have served me well.
So, now that I've completed the major that I choose, what on earth will I do with a degree in English 

In my dream world I would get to be the editor of the funny stories people send in to Reader's Digest. I don't think that is going to pan out for me so...yea.

I've been working at the Graduation section in the Registrar's office at FSU for almost three years. I like helping students, and I've learned a lot about the university, and myself. For instance, did you know that when I feel stressed for long periods of time I get nauseous and throw up for days on end? I learned that little gem last week.

All of last week. 

If all goes according to plan, I'll be working there full time soon! I'm excited to continue to help students and learn things, and to have a steady income while Cory finishes his degree in Electrical Engineering.

 Someone has got to support this lavish lifestyle we lead. Am I right?

So, FSU, you've given me a lot. And, it looks like you'll continue to give. I'm liking this little arrangement we've set up.


Becca said...

I like it when I get on my blog and see that you updated your blog "23 seconds ago." Whoa. Kismet.

But I like it even more when you let all of us know that you have received your DEGREE in ENGLISH LIT (the celestial major, and the same degree that both my husband and I hold) . . . and then you write, "That makes me feel better my choices." (sic)

Even though I hate when I make typos or leave essential words out, I love it when other people do . . . and if they are talking about how much they love to read and write, the poetic irony is all the more priceless. :)

You're a good sport. And I'm so proud of you!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Good job Lindy! :) I'm so excited for you!! I know you'll do great things here on out! Congrats!!

The Hargretts said...

I'm so excited for you Lindy! I love your stories too you're really good at making up stories, your kids are going to love them!

Also, I really like the photos especially the last one that depth of field is way cool.

Lindy said...

Thanks guys! I'm excited too!

Haha, Becca! I'm ashamed to admit that the comment my ENC 1002 professor left on that final paper did little to improve my skills. I do indeed need to "pay attention to grammar and spelling."

And we all know I am nothing if not the champion of poetic irony. :) I do it for you.

On a related note, it once took me an embarrassing amount of time to get the joke on a t-shirt that read, "your dumb." But thats another story, for another time. :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

Congrats Lindy! What a great accomplishment!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, you're beautiful and smart...liked the water one :)!!!

Kourtney said...

Ooo, a classy way to find out such intricacies about yourself...throwing up for days over stress, your baby growin' days ought to be fun :).

So proud of you! Whatcha want to do to celebrate your graad-dee-aaay-shun?

freya said...

congrats lindy lady! that professor got it right, you are one funny writer who knows how to make a point. i'm glad college came easy for you, don't feel bad! and i'm soo glad you're stickin' around fsu with me!!! srsly.

Lindy said...

You guys are so sweet :)
And Kourtney, I've already made plans for my celebration: Trip to Utah in June for sister's week!