Monday, October 10, 2011

Desperate times/measures

Yesterday I wrenched our steadfastly closed kitchen window open, and let the fall breeze blow in. It made me kind of giddy. And I did the dishes, and wind blew in through the window, and  I stared outside for a while. And noticed there were leaves in the gutters. And this surprised me. The weather has been increasingly lovely, finally somewhat cool and comfortable. The first "official" day of fall was last week (or so I heard from friend's facebook status reports). That should have tipped me off, yet, I'm still surprised to see the leaves falling. 

We don't really get a crazy riot of colors down here. Everything just goes kind of brownish from Octoberish to Februaryish, and then perks back up in March-ish. So I took a walk, and enjoyed the new brownishness of a Northern Florida Fall.

After my walk I was feeling rather motivated and decided to tackle a problem we have. We own approximately 23 cups. And we've developed a very, very bad habit of using them. All of them. I've been irritated/impressed with it for a while--two people should not be flying through 23 cups a week!--but had yet to do anything about it. We'd fill up the dishwasher with cups in 3 days. Things were out of control.

 I mentioned to Cory a while ago that we should limit ourselves to one cup, that we rinse out and reuse. But neither of us followed through with that.

So, I hid the cups. Well almost all the cups.

So far its working!


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Haha, you're awesome Lindy! I love your cup solution! :) Great idea! And enjoy your fall, as you know, we're already in winter! haha

Kristen said...

were you the culprit behind all of the dirty cups in our house?! all along we thought it was someone else!

Meagan said...


Ana said...

haha, cups used to be an issue, but then we started either drinking water only, or drinking out of cans, now sometimes we forget what to do with the cans, but at least the dishwasher isn't full of cups.

The Hargretts said...

That's a good idea about hiding the cups. We have a different problem... we don't drink ENOUGH. It's pretty much just at dinner but I do use reuseable water bottles sometimes. But YEAH for FALL or Autumn whatever your fancy =)

Lindy said...

Holly--It blows my mind that its SNOWING where you are. It's only October!

Kristen-Maybe I was. I didn't think it was me but...I've been so blind.

Ana--ha, canned drinks would be a solution too. But I can barely keep up with the recycling as it is. And we'd def. have the same problem with forgetting it.

Kendal--You of all people need to hydrate! Drink more water!

Sometimes I catch Cory drinking directly out of the faucets (I caught him once when we were was hilarious in a..what are you DOING? kind of way) and I wonder if I'm back pedaling by hiding the cups. I've decided its worth it though.