Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Punkins

Lara decided we were going to be super cute and fallish and walk her dog down to the pumpkin patch by her apartment for a girls night of pumpkin shopping.

The sign used to say "The pumpkins are coming!" For some reason I have to say that in a british accent.

Her friend Karen had two spare dogs she brought along. Dogs all around! 

It sounds cute on paper, but it wasn't going very well.  The chocolate lab is only 5 months old, and she was going nuts. She was barking, and jumping, and attacking, and growling. She was going to scare the children. 

We were at a loss. We thought she'd calm down on the walk, but it just made her worse. We were just about to turn around and walk home because there was no way we could bring the dogs around little kids when they were acting like that, but then I decided to try one more thing.

So I got down, and I looked deep into her eyes. I told her we couldn't have fun if she continued to act badly. We'd have to go home, and she couldn't see the pumpkins.

She behaved perfectly the rest of the night. I'm serious. It worked. We even got COMPLIMENTED on her behavior. 

Just call me the Dog Whisperer. 

I bought 4 tiny pumpkins. The cost me a whopping $2.00. I played with them for a while to figure out where our little burst of fall would make the biggest difference.

I finally just lined them all up on the kitchen window sill.  They look good with my new window treatment, yes?

The window "treatment" involved a large leftover piece of canvas dropcloth, three tacks, and two strategically placed staples.  I was planning to sew it, but the tacks and staples worked so...yea.

I asked Cory what he thought about it.

Without looking up he says,"I think they're beautiful my love. You are sooo fancy."

I am so fancy.


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

YAY fall! And congrats on your new calling as dog should totally get a cable show or something!

Meagan said...

Funny!!! I am SOOO jealous of your window sill! Holy coooooooow! that window is dreamy.

Love the little pumpkins!

Tanya said...

I was gonna ask about your new window treatment. When we were walking up the other day I noticed that the blinds were back up, the extra window was gone, and there was some sort of curtain!! I love how you keep things fresh!

Ana said...

you are lovely! and you are a decorating genious. I think Martha Stewart should be alerted that there is some competition in town!

Kristen said...

That window looks good! I like it!

And Archer is huge. That's weird.

Jason and Jackie said...

Very rustic window treatment. It goes great with your pumpkins and herbs. So very fall! Way to improvise :)

freya said...

i love your photo skillz as usual! that last little pumpykin one should be your fall blog header! so cute!