Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming to terms with the fact that I live in Florida and Spring starts in January, apparently.

Living in the Florida Panhandle means I don't have to know how to drive in snow, and the entire difference between my winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe is that in the "winter" I don't push the sleeves of my cardigans up to my elbows.

There were a few pretty nippy days back in December, and I realized I didn't own a decent coat. I was cold and I thought for sure we'd have until the end of January to have use for a nice warm coat, so I purchased a lovely gray pea coat. I was really looking forward to using it.

But then, it stopped being cold.For the past few weeks we've been crusin' at around 75 degrees, and its truly lovely. But I was sad. Because I wanted to use that new coat that ate up all my free Kohl's cash. But then. Then something magical happened that chased all the sad feelings away.

An early sighting of the elusive Cadbury egg!! And I wasn't even looking for them! Have you ever found a box out this early?? I exhibited remarkable self restraint and only bought four eggs. And I even shared one of those four with Cory.

Back in the days when I roomed with my BFF Lara, we would go Cadbury egg hunting every January. We scoured every grocery store hoping to find the very first shipment. Then, once spotted, we would stockpile the glorious creme filled delights for the long Cadbury-less summer and winter months ahead. Although, no matter how many we put in the freezer, they never seemed to last past May. 

I think this might have contributed to all that weight I put on during those years, but...I suppose we'll never know for sure. 

And so, strengthened by the magic of the Cadbury Egg I was ready for a balmy and prosperous Florida Spring. Which means, I had to finally take down the last and most favorite of my Christmas decorations. 

Yep. I did that mason jar/epsom salt/christmas tree thing you saw all over pinterest. And it was magical. I looked everywhere for some little woodland creatures to add to my jars, but alas, they were no where to be found. I almost ordered some on Etsy, but then realized they were expensive and unnecessary and we're having a baby and I shouldn't spend money on fake deer because soon my whole income will be consumed with diapers and baby food and whatever else tiny humans need to survive. Sometimes I make hard choices. 

Then my mom came to visit. She loved the little jars! Validation! I confessed my fruitless tiny woodland creature hunt to her, and she says, "Oh, I have some little deer. You can have them."

 Apparently people used to buy her tiny little cute things all the time in the 70's. It was kind of her thing. And I'm starting to suspect a slightly ridiculous affinity for nick nacky paraphernalia is genetic.
Blurry pictures... but you get the idea. Tiny ceramic adorableness abounds.
 I took down the "Merry Christmas" banner the first week of January but I held on to the jars. I reasoned, there is nothing inherently Christmas about the snow and the deer and the trees, right? Even if its warm enough to wear shorts outside, I can still have a few more weeks of winter on my window sill, right?

Nothing about Christmas to see here folks.
It wasn't meant to be. The Cadbury egg has spoken. I've gotten all of winter I'm going to get. The window sill got some fresh flowers and a Valentine banner. So fresh and so clean.

The flowers make me so happy, but I really couldn't pack those deer away. So, we improvised!
Take a few river rocks leftover from last years failed gardening attempt, some weird moss from outside and...we have a springy little mountainous home for our deer! Everybody wins! Unless that moss becomes some kind of creature. Then we might have a problem.


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So cute!! I must do those jars with the trees next christmas!!! you're so creative my dear! PS did you know Cory's sisters are Brinley's Sunbeam teachers?? SHE LOVES THEM! and they are the cutest girls ever.

taborer said...

All of this is so adorable. You are such a great nester!

Kristen said...

you. are. hilarious!! i always enjoy reading your posts!

that terrarium (sp?) is the best!

freya said...

ditto to kristen.
best idea ever to not make those permanent snow globes so you can change them out all year!

Tanya said...

I never knew your mom brought you those woodland creatures! I had no idea your Christmas forest even had them. So cute! And while I do really like this weather, I also occasionally like to wear a sweater, so it's kind of a bummer.

Shannon said...

I have to second your feelings on Cadbury Eggs. Every time I see them for the first time in the stores it makes me so excited too!

The Hargretts said...

Oh my gosh I saw the Cadbury Eggs back on January 10th at a CVS! I couldn't believe how early they were but it was exciting. Love the inovative mason jars too. A few weeks ago Chris asked me about all my glass jars and what I was going to do with them and I was like "umm... they're there for whenever I think up of a decorating thing with them." Thankfully he somewhat understood. But I am going to use them for his Valentine's Day treat so hopefully he will fully understand. HAHA.

Becca said...

Holy cow. I'm so glad you posted these pictures. I can't even stand how cute it all turned out. You have a gift, my dear.

I mean, my deer.