Saturday, February 2, 2013

In her own little corner, with her own little chair.

Let's talk baby rooms. Due to space limitations, I'm not decorating a nursery. Little baby Allen will get a corner of our room for the first little while, and if she's lucky we might upgrade her to the second bedroom in our apartment once Cory graduates and doesn't practically live sitting at his desk in our second bedroom hunched over his textbooks. We'll see. 

While she won't have a room of her own, I do have lots of ideas to squeeze into her little nursery corner. When people ask me what the theme is, I can't really say...and when I try it comes out to "loosely vintage and peachy/minty colors with random stuff I like and a 1950's-1970's toys vibe." Then they nod their head and say, "Oh that sounds very...nice. I'm sure it'll look so cute..." And  then we talk about something else.

 Its hard to put it into words. I'll let this not at all to scale hod podge of pictures do the splainin'.

Crib fabric: Riley Blake, Fly a Kite Ice Cream Pink
Crib: Davinci Jenny Lind in Cherry
Rocker: Ikea Poang
Rug: Urban Outfitters, Scalloped Eyelet 

So, that's the idea. What would you call it?

 My friend Joanna very generously offered to make the crib skirt and bumpers (!! I know!) so I began the hunt for the perfect fabric. Fabric shopping is probably one of the things I'm the worst at. After about an hour in Joann's one Saturday, strolling through every aisle about 10 times and not finding ANYthing I could commit to, I called my sister Jackie, the fabric guru. She spent a few days working on it, and then found the most beautiful and perfect one in the whole world. She's pretty good.

As for the armoire, I was keeping my eyes, and found a gorgeous antique one for about $250.00. I tried to justify the purchase just wasn't happening. But its a good thing, because my mom's neighbor had an old wardrobe he wasn't using and she got it for a steal! Like, $25.00. North Carolina is seriously the land of sweet deals on old crap.  Apparently the dresser needs a lot of work, but that's not exactly something new for my furniture. We're sanding and fixing it up this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

And there you have it--a little vintagey nursery nook for Baby Allen. What do you think?

Also, we're in the last 100 days till this baby arrives! Just about 3 months to go!


Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...
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Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to make the bedding :)

The Hargretts said...

your description totally makes sense! I'm excited to see the end product. It will look wonderful!

Tanya said...

Love it! What's the deer for? haha.

Becca said...

Yay! I call it "soft light vintage." But really, it's so Lindy. Can't wait to see the finished corner for sweet lil baby Gwennie.

taborer said...

I like it. As for a name...kitschy chic? Brady Bunch?