Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: Summer lets do this thing already.

Memorial Day weekend marked our last hurrah before Cory started his full time job, and I like to think we made the most of it.  My parents came down from North Carolina and finally got to meet Amelia! It was so fun to introduce her to them. She smiled a them for a moment and then promptly fell asleep, as she is wont to do. 
Over the weekend, we attempted to get Nathaniel's reaction to his little baby cousin. He was disinterested most of the time, but a few times he gave us this look (shown above) that seems to say, "Is this really all she's going to do? Really?" She'll get more interactive soon Nathaniel, I promise. For now I'm just enjoying the long periods of slumber in which I can clean out closets and catch up on Netflix.

Anyway, my Mom bought my Dad a new grill for Father's Day,  but we decided to break it in early. It's so fancy! It gets like, 700 degrees in 5 minutes. And it's shiny. And...that's about as much as I know about it. But it seems pretty sweet!
The boys were all outside around the grill while my Dad cooked up the steak. Something about cooking outdoors just calls to them. Even baby Nathaniel couldn't get enough. Such a man's man.
Nathaniel says, "I would like that Medium Rare, please"
Life tip: Grill corn in the husk for about 30 minutes. Its delish.
Ever since he was a tiny newborn, Nathaniel has really been the apple of Grandpa Hansen's eye. He laughs hysterically every time my dad plays with him, and will stare intently into his eyes when he's talking. My dad has always bitten his tongue when he's concentrating or distracted, and Nathaniel will do the same thing! I was snapping a few photos of them together, and in one of them they were doing the weird tongue thing! Priceless. They are two of a kind.
My parents headed back to North Carolina early Monday morning, so we spent the holiday with Cory's family. They were grilling steak too, so we ate like king's two days in a row! So lucky.

Also, we coordinated our outfits. We're totally those people. And I'm not sorry even a little bit.
I'm ready for more of the same this summer! Let the weekend bar b ques and beach trips commence.

P.S. Arrested Development Season 4...was lacking. I laughed maybe 4 times. So sad.


sara raquel said...

sounds like an awesome weekend, especially in light of cory starting his job soon. I have been curious about how you guys are settling in with Amelia so it was nice to see pictures! she is so sweet, and nathaniel's reaction was too cute. i wish i could get my baby fix on from her, i don't know any babies yet here in austin! lol

The Hargretts said...

What a fun weekend!!! That grill sounds pretty intense and awesome; what a nice new "toy" for your dad. Also, totally love the matching outfits. I think along with a marriage lisence and a birth certificate of a baby it's basically saying, "Congratulations, you are now officially allowed to match this person and not look like a dork. Go forth and match."

Kristen said...

you blogged!!! please blog more so i can see more pictures of that sweet amelia bedilia girl!
your weekend looks so fun! i'm glad you got to get out to do something(and eat lots of yummy things!)!

Tanya said...

I think you're being generous when you say AD4 was lacking. I would say it's horrible! Ugh.

I love this post! Nathaniel really had a good time and was definitely showing off. He senses that he's got competition now and he wants all the attention for himself! But soon, he and Amelia will be the best of friends!

The ArgentineHudson said...

How fun! Amelia is ADORABLE!!!
I agree with Tanya that it wont be too long before they become the best of friends :)

p.s-You look great!

freya said...

not a peep was spoken when i got back to work today. dangerous territory we're getting into here.. i like it. haha.
that IS a legit grill! nice! so glad they got to meet the little sweetie! love nathaniel and your dad together, so funny how they can pick up on similar quirks.
and no shame in matching. did you plan the flag in the background too? :)

Becca said...

Wait? Did your mom buy your dad that grill in Florida? But then take it back to North Carolina? I am trying to figure out those logistics.

Also, you are so patriotically pretty.

Becca said...

PPS- where is Cory working?