Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amelia's 1st Month in Review

I'm really proud of us for making it to the one month mark. Little Amelia Kate is proving herself to be the sweetest tempered little thing. Sleeping, eating, and stretching her long arms and legs out as far as she possibly can are her current favorite things. She's gone from a squishy sleepy ball of baby newborness, to a slightly less squishy and sleepy baby girl. She's already grown so much, but she still doesn't yet fit into her cute dresses. We're getting lots of use out of the newborn sized onesies we have, so that's a win!

The above pictures make me so sad. When she was a week old she came down with a cold. Her nose was completely stuffed up, and she made the tiniest little sneezes and coughs all day and night long. Cory took the photo on the left the first morning she woke up sick. Her little face says to me "Why can't I breathe?? What is happening to me??"

We handled it with true first-time-parent aplomb. Meaning, Cory stayed up all night to watch her breathe and I cried in front of the thermometers at Walgreens while the pharmacist hugged me and walked me through rectal temperature taking protocols. Yep. Everything is under control over here. She has since recovered, but it was so pitiful. Not to mention the mountain of guilt I felt--I couldn't even keep her healthy for a week! Many tears were shed over that cold. 

Teeny tiny diapers and shirts and sockies! Everything is cute in miniature. I don't even mind folding her laundry because its so cute. Also, speaking of tiny diapers, this girl burns through them. Seriously. We've gone through at least 200 newborn size diapers in the past month. And I'm not even mad--I'm just impressed.
I just had to include these ones. We were trying to get a good picture of her in that dress, but she kept making the most ridiculous faces! In the one on the left she's definitely plotting something devious, and the one on the right she's telling us how she really feels about pretty dresses. That little jokester.

  Cory finished school just before Amelia was born, and didn't start work until the end of May, so we were able to spend the first three weeks of this month at home together with no other goal aside from holding our sweet baby. It was a little baby vacation for us. Now he's working full time and Amelia and I are settling into a daily routine here at home. 

Once we get that routine down, perhaps I'll write it up here. Until then, just know it looks a lot like this: Breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, clean pump, repeat. Throw in a ton of baby snuggles, cuddles and kisses through out the day, and that's what we've got going on over here. Happy one month, baby girlie!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

She is so adorable I can barely stand it. Her cute face! She seems so alert for just being a month old. Long sleeve white onesies are so cute too. Simple. I love it. Miss Ellie had multiple blow outs up her back in white onesies (at church!) and so I just threw those bad boys out without a worry. Thankfully we had like a million white onesies because Brinley was born late fall in Rexburg!!!

I'm so excited for you to be a mom and experience all these moments. The newborn stage really does go by so so quickly, so soak it in! I look at Ellie now (8 months!) and I barely remember her as a newborn and so sleepy all the time. Watching Ellie have her own little personality is wonderful too, but those newborn days made my heart swoon. So special.

Good luck pumping and breastfeeding. It takes a lot of time, but so worth it.

Keep posting!

Kristen said...

amelia is the sweetest, most adorable, little, tiny baby girl i've ever seen! i just want to eat up all of her smallness and her toes!! oh those curly toes!!!
it's crazy to me that she's already a month! it's sad to think that's probably the slowest month you'll have too. it only speeds up from here!
i agree with meagan, keep posting!! i want to relive the newborn days through you! post about her cat naps, awake moments and even her poops. i want it all!!!!

The Hargretts said...

Wow, I know it's only been a month but those first two pictures truly show the difference a month can make. I'm so grateful that Amelia is great for you and Cory and is so easy going. Which totally makes sense since her parents are easy going and awesome too! You two are awesome parents and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It was totally not your fault she got sick that first week. It probably was the change of venue from the hospital to the house. I also can't wait to see little bows in that curly q hair =)

I agree with Kristen I want to read it all! Especially since your writing skills are excellent and entertaining.

Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

I love watching you blossom into a mom. It's a great transition :)

Kourtney said...

She is SO precious, I can't wait to see her in July!

I love, love, love your photography work....can you move to Texas....? What? I'll do party favors and invites for do pictures for me... Deal?


freya said...

a month! time flies! are you ready for me to be a part time nanny yet? i hear rectal thermometers are good for getting the poops out too. ;) ha
she's such a perfect little model! love her and the pics! especially that last one!

Erica said...

She is adorable Lindy! Congrats on your baby girl!

Becca said...

I love that cute baby and I LOVE THESE CUTE PICTURES!!! I am so glad Cory got to spend three whole weeks getting to know his baby. And I laughed a little at you crying in Walgreens.

You're all adorable.