Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day and a look at the Allen Men

Happy Father's day! Here's a shot of baby Cory with three generations of proud fathers before him:

And because they are so cute, here are some vintage shots of baby Cory with his Dad.  I'm loving all the 80's clothes--they're so in style again!

They have such a special relationship, and I'm so excited to see Cory with Amelia in the years to come. Amelia and I gave Cory a pack of IBC root beer and candy to celebrate the past 6 weeks of his fatherdom. Just a little something to say thanks for being Dad. 


The Hargretts said...

So so cute! I can't believe how similar Cory and his dad look. Especially that one where he's holding Cory who has the bow tie on. Love it! Happy Happy First Officially Father's Day Cory!!!!

Kristen said...

such cute pictures! cory hasn't changed a bit(neither has craig!).
did anyone else notice the floating toys in the diaper change picture...?

Becca said...

Cory's dad doesn't look old enough (especially in the 4 generations picture) to have a baby.

Very sweet pictures, though!

Lindy Allen said...

Haha-Kristen, Kim told me they had to hang those there for Cory. The hung them with fishing line to keep him happy during diaper changes. It does make him look like one of those kids from escape to witch mountain. You know?