Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Name and a Blessing for Amelia

Amelia Kate's blessing day was July 7th. She wore the little blessing gown and bonnet I wore when my dad blessed me 23 years ago. And I gotta say, it was so very darling on her.

She wasn't too sure about this fancy dress stuff. She gave me the most concerned little face when I put it on her. I couldn't get a picture of her in the dress without that concerned little look on her face.

Cory blessed her to keep her sweet, sweet little spirit throughout her life and to be strong and healthy and to have a sharp mind. It was a beautiful blessing for our sweet little Amelia Kate. She really is a special girl.

I'm so glad we waited to bless her until July when all of my siblings, and even my grandparents and favorite auntie were in town. We were lucky she was born fairly close to our annual summer time reunion :).

Afterwards we all headed over to the Allen's house for some Cafe Rio sweet pork burritos and general merriment. I really think I could eat those for the rest of my life. So. Good.

Not pictured: Danny Rodriguez--one of Cory's best friends (all the way from high school days!)


Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

Loved being included in that day. Truly adorable little girl :)

The Hargretts said...

The picture of you, Cory and Amelia is great! I love Cory's big proud smile. That was so wonderful that all of both sides of the family were together. So much fun!