Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hansen Family Reunion 2013

Every summer my family attempts to get together. Last year we all met up in Joseph City Arizona for a week of fun with our extended family. This year we met up at my parents house here in Florida for a few days of family fun in the sun. We made all kinds of plans--snorkeling at Blue Springs, watching fireworks shows in  Tallahassee, building a giant bon fire and roasting things on it... 

But then, it rained and rained. And rained. But we set up some umbrellas over the hot tub and grill, ate picnics indoors, and made the best of it. We mostly wanted to snuggle babies anyway, so it worked out.

This is us, making it work:

Jackie's little Jefferson and Jane went crazy over having two little babies in the house to play with. Amelia and Nathaniel took their cousin loving well. I love Amelia's little face with Jefferson on the left. "Uhh...are you sure this is safe, mom? Mom??"

Holy personalities! Jane's manic smile, Nathaniel's "just take the picture lady so I can get this cool toy" look, Jefferson's sweet careful little snuggles, and Amelia's typical "well now I'm over here for a while" attitude. That is them. Can't wait to see what they're like in 10 years, give or take.

We spent a lot of time indoors playing board games, watching movies on the projector, snuggling cute babies and eating. And then eating some more. We ate a lot.
Left: Grandma with the girl cousins; Right: These two are going to be partners in crime.
On July 4th all the fireworks shows were cancelled due to, you guessed it, rain. Luckily we had lots of food to console ourselves with. We started with pancakes (garnished ever so patriotically), carried on with grilled corn and hot dogs, and ended with home made ice cream. It was delicious. I think the forefathers would have liked it.
We finally got a break in the rain one day, so we blew up the kiddie pool and let the kids go crazy. Amelia even suited up (in the teeniest swimming suit I have ever seen!) but I mean...she didn't go swimming or anything. She mostly offered moral support. She was all over that.
My dad fixed up one of our old rusty bikes that was just the perfect size for little Jane. When he told he had a bike for her outside she said, "Oh, a PINK bike??" And my dad was like, "" But Auntie Kourtney went up to her craft lair and pulled out a few things and tricked that bike right out. Little Jane was over. the. moon. I mean, the thing has pink, glittery, pom poms hanging off of every possible surface. Can life get any better?
Jane wasn't the only one zooming around out on the patio. Nathaniel loooved zipping around on his own set of wheels. That boy can move.

Kourtney, Jesse, Tanya and I stayed up late one night and set up a surprise baby shower for Jackie. It was nautical themed and we may have gotten a little carried away...I'm saving most of those pictures for their own post. 

Even Grandpa likes to start his day with a good ol' baby shower.
Amelia and I missed the beach day everyone else took. Amelia was getting her 2 month check up and vaccinations so she definitely got the short end of that stick. Apparently they took a boat ride and saw tons of dolphins and played in the sand and water, and everyone had the time of their life! Yay!

Anyways, it wouldn't have been a proper Hansen reunion without a fiesta. Kourtney brought some special ordered fajita meat from the ranch we grew up on back in Texas, and my Dad grilled it up for us. Jefferson, known for his picky eating habits, made my Dad's night when he requested only meat for his dinner. Please and thank you. We ended fiesta night with the traditional pinata (beaten with wooden spoons and lots of enthusiasm), and all was right with the world.
The little babies were not impressed with the pinata. Tough crowd.


Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

Sounds like a good time to me :)

Tanya said...

I love that picture of Jane and Nathaniel together! It looks like their album cover for their keyboard band.

Kourtney said...

HA HA....Hansens are truly the craziest bunch around! And I LOVE it, every last second of it. We should do this again.

Eloquent Obi said...

what a great time! i bet the food was delish and everyone is so precious! blessing to all!