Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amelia's 9th & 10th Months

Stats: (Measurements taken 9 month check up)
  • 19.5 pounds (70%)
  • 30 inches long (99%) 

  • She eats 4-6 ounces of formula every 4ish hours, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Ritz crackers, graham crackers, yogurt melts and veggie puff things (we call them baby cheetos) are her favorite snacks. She loves taco soup, alfredo with peas, black beans, and scrambled eggs. She says "Mmmmm" when she eats those. Steamed butternut squash is her least favorite food. She shakes her head adamantly "no", and seals up those lips like Fort Knox every time I've tried to give it to her. 
  • At 9.5 months, she started squirming when I tried to rock her to sleep for naps. And sometimes for bed. So, I gave her a bottle, set her down in her crib with her stuffed animals/dolls and she put herself to sleep. I turn on an electric fan for white noise, and she'll sleep for an hour or two. Nap time is around 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM.
  • Bed time is around 8:00-8:30 PM. I still rock her to sleep at night, but if she's too squirmy I lay her down with her bottle and she takes care of the rest. She might cry out a few times, but as long as its just her "I'm tired an want to sleep cry" I leave her alone and she's asleep in 5 minutes. If its her "Why have you forsaken me, and everything in this world is terrible" cry, I go get her and let her play with us for a while longer. 
  • Size 3 or 4 diapers, kind of in between right now.
  • 9-12 month onsies, 12 month dresses, 18 month sleepers, and 18 month pants. Those legs will not be contained. (I don't have enough size 18 pants for her to wear all the time, and when I put the 12 month pants on her they are ridiculously high watered. Like, up to her knees. Sister rocks the cropped look.)
Tricks and Miscellaneous Skills:

  • She hit 9 months and it was like a switch flipped. She started crawling, pulling up, and growing teeth all at once. Her bottom two teeth came in at 9 months, and her canines are coming in at 10 months. She'll look like the cutest little vampire if her top two teeth don't fill in soon.
  • She loves her toys, especially stuffed animals. She hugs and kisses them all the time. Her favorite is a little stuffed frog named Pierre, and when she grabs hugs him I say, "Oh Pierre, you shouldn't have come!" and we both laugh. Cultured baby.
  • Her hair is dfinitely blonde, and it still sticks up most of the time, which I love. Its starting to curl in the back, and it is the cutest.
  • Still loves peek-a-boo, and she'll chase you if you run away and hide from her. But you gotta be fast because sister can book it.
  • She can say "wow", "whoa", "wooo" and uses them when situationally appropriate. She can say mamama, and dadada, and we think she said "herro"(hello) the other day (we should stop saying "herro" to her, I know...). She loves to jabber when I talk, and she has the highest little screech that I might regret encouraging one day. She loves to mimic sounds, so its lucky Cory has a never ending supply of weird, loud beeps, boops, and swishes for her to copy.
  • She gives the sweetest wet kisses, and waves hi and bye when she wants so. She can give us five too. Smarty pants.
  • She got her first goose egg, and it was enormous, and it was totally my fault, and I don't want to talk about it.
  • She loves to stand and look at the back window.
  • We call her "Amelia the Plunderer" because she likes to plunder. She loves to open things (cupboards, boxes, trashcans) and fling things out of them as fast as she can. And she is fast. I'm not even mad. I'm just impressed.
  • The stranger danger is strong with this one. When well meaning people come up and say hi to her at stores, she'll give them the most offended frown and start sobbing. It can be a little awkward, but safety first, right?
  • The other day I pretended to be a pony while Cory put her on my back and she laughed hysterically about it. We maybe did that for a longer time than I'm willing to admit.
  • Dancing. Whenever she hears a song she likes, she starts jumping in time to the music. It doesn't even have to be good music. We sang a horribly off key version of Old McDonald the other day, and she went crazy for it. And she jumped through our whole rendition of Happy Birthday to Aunt Mackenzie the other night. Those legs just won't stop.
  • My money is on her walking any day now. She can stand up all on her own, and will try to take steps but her balance isn't quite there yet. Where did my tiny baby go??


Kourtney said...

Cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to see y'all next month!

freya said...

No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes!
Where has your baby gone indeed! Can't believe she's almost one!!!! She's so cute and reading this makes me miss y'all so much!!

Kristen said...

seriously, her clothes are the cutest! Such a little fashionista!
Where has the time gone?! She is growing up way too fast! And she's soo tall! Can't wait to see if those top teeth come in!

R+J said...

that bathtub picture...I'm dying, TOO CUTE!!!

Tanya said...

Ah, I can't believe how big she's getting! Crazy!
Also, the 11th picture down reminds me of Nathaniel. He makes that face sometimes :)

Becca said...

Oh my, I love her all over again! That beautiful high chair photo is my favorite of the many beautiful photos of this precious dolly.

And I am so sorry about the goose egg . . . I hate when my babies get hurt. Especially if maybe it could have been prevented . . .

You are the cutest mommy I know.