Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Vintage Nursery for Amelia

I finally took some pictures of Amelia's nursery. She's almost 9 months old, so I'm right on track.  I definitely didn't do this while I was pregnant. I was just going to put her crib in the corner of our room and call it day. But, 3 months after she was born nesting finally kicked in, and I just couldn't help myself.  Anyway, good things come to those who procrastinate because I am kind of in love with it.

Let's see, the crib was new from Target, and I used some of our Amazon textbook trade in credit to order the rocking chair. My mom bought the armoire for $30.00 or so from a neighbor and we painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Coco. Freya spotted the knobs in the clearance bins at Anthropologie-they were marked down to $2.00! 

The changing table is an antique sideboard my mom found at a thrift store and gave to us for our wedding a few years ago, but I swear it has found its true calling now. The drawer is the perfect size for diapers and wipes, and the changing pad fits like it was made for it. Lucky.

The book case was a project I did way back in the day. My mom and I salvaged it from an old building, stripped the many layers of paint, and then sanded for days. We stained it, sealed it and it's lived many lives since then (but none were nearly this cute).

And for the nick nacks, of which there are many. Most I already had, collected from thrift stores and garage sales. I've been buying children's books at thrift stores for quite some time. It definitely felt less creepy once I was actually expecting a child. My baby shower was book themed, and everyone brought a book instead of a card which really beefed up our selection. (Side note: that baby shower was so great. See it here.)

 My sister made the pompoms, and my cousin crotcheted those little hearts. I strung them on some yarn and they make me so happy. The alphabet cards were designed and printed by Freya (for my baby shower). The rug is from Urban Outfitters. The crib bumper was made by Joanna; the fabric is called "Fly a Kite"by Riley Blake. The little frog was a gift from my mom years ago. She makes them out of rocks...they're called rock pals...the seventies were good for her.

Whew- that should cover it! I love her sweet little room. I think she likes it too.


Tanya said...

Why have I never seen/heard of this frog before??? haha
Also, the little shelves holding books on the walls-where are they from? I love them!
The whole room looks so cute!

Lindy Allen said...

Tanya--Those little shelves are IKEA spice racks! They're super cheap--like 3 dollars a piece ish. But, they only hold like, 5 books comfortably. They weren't quite as big as I thought they would be--but they definitely get the job done :)

Also, you never saw all the little rock people/animals around the house?!?! Looks like you're in for a treat. I know just what to get you for your birthday....

Chance and Alisha said...

This is probably one of my favorite rooms Ever!! Now I can look at it whenever I feel the need:).

The Hargretts said...

Here is a list of my favorite things in this room.
1. The book shelves; such easy access to the chair.
2. The adorable cloth doll on the orange chair.
3. The cute fat lamb.
4. The fisher price camera.
5. THE FAN! I am in love with it.
6. The embrodery hoops with the little flower detail.
7. The Floral pillow.
8. The rock frogie. My grandmother use to make little animals out of shells.

Everything in this room can't help but make someone smile. There are things that I have had in mind for a nursery too. You're such a good decorator! You should get your masters in interior design, how awesome would that be?!

Eloquent Obi said...

very nice and lucky girl! continued blessings. miss you and tally too! --Obi

Wonsch Family said...

sooooooooo cute!!! I love it!

freya said...

that room is perfection! great works of art just take time! poor lily will never have a cute space to call her own at this rate! ha, i'll just show her pictures of amelia's ;)

Kourtney said...

You have a calling, it's decorating!

Now come to my house and help a sister out!

Love, LOVE, love all you do!