Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Night to New Year's Eve 2013

This should probably be broken up into at least 2 separate posts but...ain't nobody got time for that.

After spending the day with Cory's family, we drove over to my parent's house that for Christmas night.

We ate our second delicious dinner of ham, potatoes, and all the fixings (And I totally felt like a hobbit. Second dinner! Elevensies!) and then did our Secret Santa gift exchange. We missed Jackie's little family like crazy, but it was so nice to have almost all of us together. We spent the week afterwards at my parent's house hanging out, and playing with babies.

My Dad's birthday is on Christmas Day (random fact: my sister Jackie was also born on December 25th, totally weird, right?), so one night of vacation we had a little birthday shindig for him. We had fajitas,  and a bonfire. My mom had them set up a projector and screen outside too. She said something about having us square dance at some point, but we ended up just watching funny Youtube videos for an hour or so. I'm pretty sure the neighbors loved hearing us watch Katy Perry's music video for ROAR around 9:30 PM that night.

The boys did a lot of man stuff. Cutting down trees, making bonfires, cooking outdoors, and using power tools. It was all very impressive. 

We celebrated New Year's Eve a few days early with friends. Our outside plans got rained out, but we moved the party inside. S'mores, hot cocoa, party hats, Sam made sushi, pretty much an anything goes kind of vibe. At one point the dog was in a hat, so you could say things got crazy. Even though it was pouring rain outside the boys still managed to get quite a few fireworks off. And, per tradition, the police showed up. When will they learn? 

All in all, we had a pretty good week together. I'm so excited for a sister's week in Texas this April :)



Kristen said...

your pictures are always so dreamy! your little get together with your family are always intense! so many decorations and treats! now i'm kicking myself for not going to your new years eve party!

The Hargretts said...

I agree with Kristen, I so wish we could have made it to the new years eve party. Looked like lots of fun, sorry that it was raining though... that's sad but everything looked great!

Tanya said...

I just love little babies in Christmas jammies! The best part of the holidays right there!
And your party was great! It was just lame about the rain and the fireworks...

Kourtney said...

We need to live closer so we can all own part of our party planning/ event happening business. I'm telling ya, our love of everything party, we'll be so rich from doing what we love, money will just be a curious by-product!;)