Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amelia's 7th & 8th Months

Stats: (Measurements taken at home-no 8 month check up)

  • 19 pounds 
  • 29.5 inches long 
  • 4-6 oz of formula every 4ish hours
  • Pretty much anything we eat mashed up. I let her feed herself a lot of the time, and she loves it, but it is a huge mess. She's getting better and better and picking up the little pieces. She loves yogurt melts, veggie puffs, and cubed bananas. And sister will go to town on a graham cracker. So cute.
  • She's started to transition to just 2 naps a day--one around 9:00 AM, another around 2:30 PM. She officially outgrew the swing at the end of month 7, so instead I rock her and feed her a bottle right before naptime. Then she sleeps in the crib.
  • Bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00 PM. She'll wake up around 12:00 AM to eat a 6 ounces and then back to sleep until 6:30 AM. 
  • Size 3 diapers 
  • 9 month onsies, and dresses, 12 month sleepers, and 18 month pants! Eeek! (I'm really thinking Target's baby pants run small though...)
Tricks and Miscellaneous Skills:
  • She officially mastered sitting up on her own at 8 months.
  • She is so good at playing with toys now. The cutest thing.
  • Her hair is really filling in quickly, but she is still a little fuzz ball. Love it.
  • Still loves peek-a-boo, and pretty much any game that involves silly high pitched voices. 
  • She likes to be scared. If you pop up suddenly and say "HELLO!" she jumps at first, and then laughs and laughs.
  • She started scrunching up her nose sometimes when she smiles. I cannot get enough.
  • Lots of chewing on things, but no teeth yet.
  • She can say the "babababa" sounds, and is pretty good at "dadadada" sounds. I might roar at her a little too much because she definitely picked that up quick. She loves to say "rawrrawrrawr" in a squeaky hoarse voice.
  • Loves to bite and stick out her tongue (Just like her Grandpa Hansen)
  • If there is an electronic device or cord in the room, she will find it. And chew it. 
  • She tries so hard to figure out this crawling thing. She'll get in the hands and knees position and then lunge forward onto her belly. So close.


Kristen said...

she is growing like a weed! she is so tall! liam's crazy tall and she's not far behind him and is like 6 months younger! volleyball player!
but seriously, she is too adorable! i love her excited breathing!

Becca said...

I can't get enough of that scrunchy-nosed smiling either! Oh, Lindy--you are the cutest little mom of the cutest little daughter! I love it! I am so happy for you, my dear.

The Hargretts said...

I love that dress she's wearing in her crib with the phone. It's so vintage and adorable! Well, the clothing sizes sound all distant from each other but she is truly growing like a weed and getting cuter and cuter.

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

It's amazing how much they grow and change in such a short time! :) I love seeing the comparison of her from newborn to now, it's just so cute! What a sweetheart!!