Monday, May 12, 2014

Amelia Kate turns ONE

Okay, so Amelia turned one last weekend. I understand the concept of time and all, but seriously. How the heck has it been a year?

I wasn't planning on doing a party. But then I thought about it some more, and I decided we just couldn't let this milestone pass us by completely. So, we had a little party and tried to keep it simple. Just a few close friends and family, cupcakes and root beer floats.

My in-laws not only hosted the party in their awesome backyard, but they added a little cookout to the mix. They are the best. We had hamburgers/sausage dogs, baked beans, and homemade potato salad, all thanks to them. I don't really cook anymore...

I don't really craft anymore either, ha. But luckily I have two amazing sisters to do that for me. Kourtney and Jackie made the ribbon banner during our sisters week in Texas (technically I intended to help, but sitting on the couch was so, so nice...). After I left, they made mini glitter party hats, and the cutest cupcake topper flags too. And then shipped them to us in time for the party. I love them more than words can express.

I listed a few other party details below the photos, for those that are into that kind of thing.

Party highlights:

  • Amelia learned that cupcakes are delicious. She was highly confused at first, but once she got a good taste she clapped her hands, and then tensed up her whole body with pure joy. Then she ate almost the entire thing. She was covered in frosting and so, so happy.
  • The kids wearing the mini party hats were basically the best thing ever. So tiny. So cute.
  • Freya and Lily were in town!! A little piece of my heart has been missing ever since Freya moved to Birmingham, but the birthday party stars aligned and they just happened to be in town last weekend and came to the party! And all was right with the world. 
  • I forgot my camera...I know. But I called the aforementioned Freya, who had hers. So she saved the day, and all the pictures were taken by her :)
  • The pool water was a little bit frigid, but the tiny kids pool (which Freya was generous enough to pick up that morning at Target---so, technically she saved the day TWICE.) was a hit for sure. At one point Amelia sat in the tiny pool her in giant float and just looked so pleased. I mean, she the float took up the whole thing, but I guess she figured it was her party so she could so what she wanted.
  • Ava and Cole were brave enough to jump in the freezing water, and they had a ball...until they started shivering uncontrollably. I got in for a second with Amelia, and quickly decided the pain wasn't worth it. Maybe we're pansies, but that water was stinking cold.
  • Liam and Amelia hugged goodbye which was so adorable. And Amelia thought it was so great.  And then she kissed him (a recently acquired skill). And she thought was great. And then things got a little awkward, but still very cute... ha.
  • Amelia let Lara hold her for a bit! This was a breakthrough for them. 
Afterwards Amelia let Grandpa take her upstairs and hold her while she napped for about 4 hours. So, I'd say the party was a success. Happy birthday sweet, sweet girl. We're so glad you're ours.

Freya ALSO edited out the personal information from the invite. Because safety. So make that saved the day three times...

Printed on Kraft card stock from Michaels
Fonts used: KG Eyes Wide Open, Bergamot Ornaments, Century Gothic

Hamburgers/Sausage dogs
Baked Beans
Homemade Potato Salad
Fruit Salad
Vanilla Cupcakes (From Publix Bakery)
Root beer floats (with Blue Bell ice cream. Is there any other kind, really?)

Stuffing our faces
Photo Booth (we used Instax Fugifilm (leftover from our wedding 4 years ago) and the pictures became the party favors)

Ribbon banner handmade by Kourtney's Kreations
Mini Glitter Party Hats by Kourtney's Kreations
Flag Cupcake toppers by Kourtney's Kreations
Dried Billy Ball flowers (Hammelmans LLC)
Large letter A covered in Yarn (Supplies from Joann Fabrics)
Stained crates (purchased unfinished at Michaels)
Polka dot paper runner, Target Wrapping paper


Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Fun party! Happy Birthday Amelia!

Kristen said...

it was such a fun birthday party! thanks for inviting us! and i agree-- how has it been a year already?! happy birthday amelia!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

What a sweet celebration! It's always fun to do that 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday Miss Amelia! :) And look absolutely beautiful Lindy!!

The Hargretts said...

When she tensed up her little body after eating some of the cupcake was so perfect! Such a fun and chill party. All the little details really made it fun. It will be fun to see Amelia grow up even more this coming year and becoming a BIG SISTER! =)

Tanya said...

Such a fun party! Sorry we were so late. But I can't say I regret that nap. haha
Also, I need to get one of those kiddie pools. It was great!

Chance and Alisha said...

Oh my heck!! So adorable! The floaty in the kiddie pool is hilarious! Happy Birthday sweet Amelia

freya said...

i'm so glad the stars aligned so we could come! and i do love to help any way i can :) what party is complete without a morning of stop at target!
sweet amelia, i cannot believe she's one! seems like just yesterday you were playing photog for me when you needed to be driving yourself to the hospital to have her!

Becca said...

Those dried billy ball flowers that keep making an appearance on this blog are my fave.

Plus, you know, Amelia herself. Happy birthday, Miss Thang!