Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amelia's 11th & 12th Months

Stats: (Measurements taken 12 month check up)
  • 20.8 pounds (70%)
  • 31 inches long (99%) 

  • 6 oz of formula three times a day (before naps and bed) and one 6 oz. bottle during the night at some point
  • Soup is her favorite food. She loves every kind she's had. Chicken noodle, taco, black bean, chili, chicken stew are all in regular rotation. Blueberries and strawberries are her 2nd favorite. She still hates butternut squash enormously.
  • She says "MMMM" very appreciatively whenever she see's any food. And even when you set her down in her high chair she just starts saying "Mmmm. Mmmmm." So cute.
  • 2 solid naps a day--one around 9 AM and another around 3 PM. I just give her a bottle and lay her down in her crib and she puts herself to sleep. Love her.
  • Bed time at 8:00 PM. Bath, books, lay her down with a bottle and we're golden. 
  • She still wakes up at least once a night. Sometimes twice. She just wants a bottle and some cuddles, and then she goes right back to sleep. And I'm totally okay with it. I'll take any cuddle time I can get.
  • Size 4 diapers
  • 12 month onsies, 12 month dresses, 18 month sleepers/rompers, and 18 month pants. That baby is one tall glass of water.
Tricks and Miscellaneous Skills:
  • Started walking at 10.5 months. We were FaceTime-ing with my parents one Sunday, and they asked if she could take a few steps. She had been taking one or two steps from the couch to my arms, so I propped her up to show them...and she just took off! She would just run for 4-5 steps and then fall flat on her face. She was so proud. She figured out how to go between the two couches and she loved when my parents would clap for her. Little show off.
  • She loves to clap and say YAY! whenever she does something good
  • She can find your nose, mouth, eyes, and ears, and she loves to show you her belly button. If you say the word "belly" in front of her she'll try to rip her shirt off to show you her cute pouchy belly. 
  • She learned what monkey's say, and for a while she would run around the house going "AH! AH! AH!". She can also say "woof" and "meow". 
  • She loves to dance. Whenever she hears music with a nice beat she'll start shaking her little booty and clapping. "Old Macdonald" and "Happy and You Know It" are her favorites.
  • She loves her little play kitchen and will bring me her tiny apron to wear. She likes to pretend to eat the wooden food and makes the best fake eating "chomp chomp" sounds.
  • She can say "Preeeetty" but only if she really thinks something is pretty. We were looking through the manual at church and Kendal would find a page with a picture. If it was colorful and fun, she would say "preeeety" but if it was an old man she would shake her head "no".
  • She figured out climbing and I'm not a fan.
  • Sometimes she goes into bite attack mode, and I don't know what to do. She normally listens when we say "No." but if she's in attack mode she can't be stopped. It's not malicious....she just wants to eat you? She'll bite the couch and the floor too so....maybe her teeth hurt? I'm at a loss.
  • She adores her stuffed animals and baby dolls. Kristen/Liam gave her a little doll and stroller for her birthday and she is obsessed. You can ask her "where's your baby?" and she'll run off to find it, bring her back giving the sweetest hugs and kisses to her little doll. Heart melting, I tell you.


Becca said...

Oh my, Lindy.

I love Amelia so much. Can I be her godmother? She is as perfect as a doll--I love the 0-12 month pics (of course), and the mess-making, and the dislike of old man pictures in the church manual, and the happiness at the beach, and how enamored you all are with her. I would be, too--she's precious!

Lindy Allen said...

Becca--consider it done :) And we are so in love with her. She's pretty great.