Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amelia right now

Amelia is so fun right now. She learns new things every day and it's amazing to watch her little brain put things together.

Some highlights from lately:

Climbing. She loves to climb on the orange velvet (I know, I'm so classy) armchair in the living room, and sit like a big girl. She especially loves if I sit on the couch across from her and ask her serious questions about how her life is going so far.

She tries to climb into the tub, but always gets stuck straddling it. Then she looks up with the most offended little face that just says, "Well, aren't you going to help me??'

She's talking more and more. She can say "Preeetty", "Bow", "Ball", "Bottle", "Juice",  "Belly", "Baby", "Please", "Bup" (Up), "Weeee", "Shoes" and "Pa" (Grandpa). She loves to say "Dada", and will hunt him down mercilessly when he's home. She's said "Mama" like, twice. She can, but she doesn't feel it's necessary.

She calls Cory's brother "Beeeeee" and loves to find him.

If she hears any sort of rustling she assumes you're opening a candy wrapper and will follow you around saying "Mmmmmm?" (Which means, "I can has some?")

She can find her belly, toes, nose, mouth, and head. If I say, "Do we need to change your bum?" she grabs her booty and walks to the changing table. If we say, "Don't bump your head!" she'll rub her head like she bumped it. Or she'll purposely bump her head in slow motion and then rub it.

She folds her arms before dinner, anticipating the prayer. I mean, they only stay folded for a second, but its super cute.

We went to the library for the first time recently, and one of my proudest moments as her parent was when she looked and the rows and rows of bookshelves and said "Preeeetty". Then she stroked them. We are totally related.

She eats sometimes. I don't even know. She seems super picky now, and its so sad. Some days she'll eat a whole banana, other days she spits it out immediately. We tried the squeeze pouches, and she'll eat the vegetable purees as long as theres a bit of fruit in there too, most of the time.

We're working on "asking nicely" and "using our words". She was developing a very bad habit of angry whining when she wanted something, and I will not have that. She can say "Peeeease" (Please) and "Bup" (Up) which basically covers our bases on her desires these days.

She loves animals the most. She could care less about any cartoon or show on TV except for this Baby Genius "Trip to the San Diego Zoo" show on Netflix. It's basically a video set to classical music of zoo animals and kids looking at the zoo animals. She wants to go to there. She tries to climb the entertainment center and get into the TV with them. And if we play it on the iPad she kisses it.

Aunt Kyli brings her dog over to grandma's house, and that makes Amelia's day. She says "woof, woof" and goes straight to the back porch door to look for the puppy. And if you take her outside with the dog, she gets down on all fours and tries to lick the ground...(we've since rescinded ground privileges when we go out there).

Pillows are great. Her favorite thing is to take all of the throw pillows of the couches and make a pillow mountain in the middle of the living room. Then I say, "Amelia, what are pillows for??" and she face plants into them and says "Ahhhhh."


The Hargretts said...

Sometimes while looking at people's baby's pictures I think to myself, "Oh, that would be a great senior year year book page picture." Totally thought of that for the picture of Amelia on the rocking horse. So great!

Lara said...

This is my absolute favorite post ever. It's so sweet, and adorable. Amelia makes me smile, and you writing about Amelia makes me laugh.

Becca said...

But what is Cory's brother's real name?

I love this post. You are AMAZING for writing down the stuff.

And my proudest moment would be a daughter saying "pretty" and stroking a shelf full of books, too.

Plus, she's stylin'.