Sunday, August 24, 2014

K & J's Wedding Reception

Cory's sister Kyli got married this summer, and I got to help plan a little reception for her and her new hubby last weekend. Kyli was super laid back about it all, and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, which was pretty awesome.

We wanted to keep it pretty simple, and went for a kind of vintage neutral vibe. We had lots of twine, kraft paper, and babies breath with a loose cream and brownish color scheme. We ate appetizers and desserts, and just had a nice time chatting.

It was at the Allen's home, which was great because we could do lots of set up the day before and not feel super stressed the day of. We originally wanted to get everything catered, but that didn't work out so we decided to do a lot of the food ourselves and hire two of my BFF's to help with the food prep and refilling during the party. We didn't realize it at the time, but this saved us. They were constantly running around refilling things and checking things and making sure everything was running smoothly. Without them Kim and I would have been a mess during the entire party. So, lesson learned.

Anyway, it turned out really pretty (in my ever so humble opinion), and these were the best shots I got with my limited photog. skills. I'd plan a party for someone as laid back as you any day of the week, Kyli! We're so excited to have John in the family! :)


Kourtney said...

You do so throw a fabulous party! Let's have a get together and make pretties and have our very own! You know....for your birthday ;).

Rick and Janell said...

the ruffle cakes look good! ;)
You always do such a beautiful job at these parties you post! Love the neutral color scheme!!

Tanya said...

Everything looked so good! Glad it all went well. I want to eat that food now.

Lindy Allen said...

Kourtney--we definitely need to get together asap! December can't come soon enough!! (P.S. I'm super jealous of your Arizona trip in October!!)

Janell--Publix made the cakes! I walked in one day, and saw they could do the ruffle design and got pricing. And I called the cake shop and cancelled my order right after that.

Tanya--Thanks! It turned out really pretty, and the food was definitely awesome. I could have brought you some leftovers last week!

freya said...

lindy this is so gorgeous! well done! you should do this for a job! ;) can i have another reception that you can plan for me?
my favorite is the picture of them cutting the cake! so dreamy!