Sunday, February 22, 2015

My little Valentines, 2015

This year Cory and I were super romantic and bought recessed lights for each other for Valentines day. Nothing says I love you more than spending hours debating can light placement (and even after hours of debate, the first hole cut straight into a duct...whoops...). 

Cory went over to the new house and worked on projects all day, while I hung out with our little Valentines here at home. They are the cutest. We took the opportunity to wear every article of pink or red clothing we own, and take some pictures. I hadn't planned on this, but was feeling the love and made pancakes while Benjamin napped. Then Amelia (who insisted on wearing her pink princess dress and glitter crown at this point) went to town with the heart shaped cookie cutters on them. She liked that, but once she realized she could lick the confectioners sugar straight off the cutting board she really got into it. 

Here's to love! Of every kind! Espeically that of a toddler who has discovered powdered sugar for the first time.

Benjamin says, "Oh dem ladies. Always be kissing on me."
It's a Valentines hug just for YOU.