Monday, May 11, 2015

Amelia turned two! And bananas were had.

Last weekend Amelia turned two. TWO. That second year just really flies on by, doesn't it? Her absolute favorite show is Curious George, and I only have one of the books (Curious George and the Bunny) but she asks me to read it to her every night. Sometimes when she's having trouble sleeping I just recite the story to her from memory and it calms her down. So, even though I kind of hate character themed parties, I just had to do a Curious George themed party. That's love, my friends.

I planned for us to have banana splits, and make boats out of newspaper (like in Curious George Rides a Bike) and keep it pretty low-key. We had a few friends over, Amelia had bananas all over her outfit, and good times were had all around :) Turns out two year olds are more interested in splashing each other than folding origami boats, but either way they had fun.

Happy birthday sweet girlie! I just cannot believe you are two!


Holly Larson said...

You seriously throw the cutest parties! I'm sure Miss Amelia had a blast! :) Also, it makes me laugh because at 2 Emma's favorite thing was Curious George too! Must be the thing for that age ;)

Kourtney said...

I love, LOVE, love this super cute party. The boats, the cake, the toppings in little sundae cups, the straws, okay, I'll stop before I name everything.

YOU are a fabulous mommy!