Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jacksonville 2015

Last weekend we headed over to Jacksonville to meet Kyli and John's new baby. While we were there we made it a mini vacation. We took the kids to the Jacksonville Zoo and Historic Downtown St. Augustine, and even got to see both of Cory's grandparents while we were there.

We really liked the zoo, but I'm not sure if Amelia really "got" it. For example, we walked under this tree with at least 100 huge white birds sitting in making an "EEEEP" sound. And we tried and tried to show her the birds in the tree, but she would. not. look. up. She just kept pointing to the two birds on the ground and saying, "Uh huh" as in "Yes. I see the birds. Let's move on, shall we?" And we are all, "But Amelia, look up! There's hundreds!" Seen one, you've seen them all in her book. 

After we finished up at the zoo, we headed over to Kyli's house to see tiny baby Jamie. HE IS SO CUTE. We took turns holding him and cooing over him and telling each other that he is the most perfect baby in the world. You know, as you do.

We finished up the day in St. Augustine where we pushed the kids around the tiny cobblestone streets, and window shopped. I might have actually shopped but Cory looks down buying overpriced things in touristy places. He's probably right but I'm a sucker for cutely packaged artisan chocolate. We took the kids down to see the old fort ("castle" according to Amelia), and Amelia tried her hardest to leap into the river. She said "Pool! Pool! Shoes off!"  She kept it up until she saw this giant paper mache Jack Sparrow that was both bizarre and strangely compelling. So many questions about that one. 

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